Shadow Warrior: Game Enemies


These are all of the enemies you will face in Shadow Warrior.


Brown Evil Ninja - Can do all player actions (climb, duck, hide behind boxes). Shoots an uzi or throws shurikens. Will commit suicide.

Red Evil Ninja - Will do everything his brown cousin does, plus he can shoot small rockets at you, as well as shoot uzis. This ninja does not waste his time with shurikens.

Shadow Ninja - The most fearsome of the lot, this ninja uses the ancient skills to stay nearly invisible. He can blast you with two type of magic napalm, one being a wall of fire. Beware, because this ninja is also skilled in the use of Flash Bombs. Once blinded, you will have little chance of survival.


These unskilled asian workers pose little threat from long distances, but fear them at short range. They carry a wooden crate filled with TNT and will make kamikaze runs at you when you get close enough. You can use their explosive nature to destroy other enemies as well.



Not content with attacking you once, some Coolies will spawn a specteral ghost after they make their great sacrifice. These apparitions will float around phasing in and out of existence, taking time out to heave nasty gobs of bloody goo at you.

Large Ripper RIPPER

These large gorilla like creatures are very strong. They will leap at you from long distances, or from below. They can cling to walls above you, waiting to drop at any moment. Or they will charge you at full speed and start ripping at your flesh. You will not survive long if they are not dealt with. (You can sometimes kill one and use their HEART as a weapon. FULL VERSION ONLY)


This variety of Ripper is brown in color, much larger and much stronger that his grey counterpart. Be afraid if you meet one in a dark room. (You can sometimes kill one and use their HEART as a weapon. FULL VERSION ONLY)


This is a four armed evil snake like creation of Zilla himself. He can shoot devastating energy bolts from his eyes, and when attacked, will spawn a circle of exploding accursed heads. These heads will launch themselves at you in order to protect their evil master. Be very prepared for battle when you meet a Serpent God.


These denizens of the deep look like normal KOI until you get close and notice the rows and rows of razor sharp teeth. Alone they pose little threat, but in schools, you better make a run for dry ground.


These overgrown yellow jackets will do minor damage to you, but beware a swarm of them. They are extremely fast and erratic moving, making them hard to hit, and will continually sting away at your health.


These reddish demonic heads will be either buried in the ground up to the top of their skulls, of just floating in mid air awaiting your arrival. Once you get close, they will attack in several ways via explosion, flash bomb, spewing out caltrops or other nastiness. They prey on the careless adventurer who does not look where they are going.


You may encounter some of these cute little creatures along your way. What you do with them is your business.

The following enemies appear only in the registered version of Shadow Warrior.


New Ninjas have been added to the collection above:

Orange Ninja - These ninjas have the added ability to shoot heat seeking rockets at you. Very nasty in open areas. You can kill them and sometimes get a heat seeker card for your own rocket.

Gray Ninja - These ninjas have been upgraded with the ability to launch grenades at you. Considering the blast radius of grenades, these guys are particularly nasty. You can collect more grenades when you kill them.


These are smaller / faster versions of their parents, only they move much faster and will spit a greenish gooey substance all over you. They are very hungry and need food to grow.


These 10 foot tall 'guardians' are very tough indeed. You will need many shotgun blasts to bring one down. As if that's not bad enough they can shoot fireballs from their eyes that deal a lot of damage. At close range they will switch to using a sword that will cut you to pieces very quickly. These guys are best dealt with at long distances. (You can sometimes kill them and then use their HEAD as a weapon.)

 Female Warrior FEMALE WARRIOR

She can do many of the things the base ninja can do, but she is much more deadly. Carrying a crossbow, she will shoot bolts in your direction at high speed. She can also loft sticky mines your way, making it very difficult to stay in one place. Treat these ladies with some respect.


This giant nightmare of a Sumo wrestler will meet you with a vengeance. His mass alone will cause damage as he stomps on the ground, sending shock waves your way. Getting too near will yield a Sumo hand clap that will do great damage and leave you disoriented. There are other attacks you will have to discover on your own.


Zilla is the final boss of the game. No information is available.