Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Coolie Mines - Level 15

This level takes place in the mines preceding the oil plant. Your objective is to grab a couple of keys which will lead you to where you can turn a fan on to exit the level. There will be a few Rippers and Coolies on the easiest difficulty level, plus lots of lava and fire. You'll have to be careful throughout the entire level because the lava is almost everywhere. There are also fires, holes with lava at the bottom and no way to get out, large crushing drills, and other various dangerous items.

Picture: Once the machine guns are destroyed, you can reach the red key card.

You'll start in the front of a bridge but do not run onto the bridge yet. First kill the hornet that is flying around. You will not need it right now but for future reference there is health behind you if you need it. Now slowly step onto the bridge until the hatches on the left and right open revealing large machine guns. If you go slow and stop as soon as the hatches open and they start firing then they shouldn't be able to shoot you from the walls being in the way. Now shoot into the holes with the guns as close to the guns as possible. You should use something powerful if you have it such as a Missile Launcher, Grenade Launcher, or Railgun. Once you break both guns, walk out onto the bridge and jump into the hole to the left that contains the now broken machine gun. Behind the gun is the red key. Now jump back carefully onto the bridge. There is a Guardian Head behind the machine gun on the other side.

Now proceed down the bridge and there will be a slope going down. To the left is a Riot Gun. As you approach the bottom, kill the Ripper and any other enemies that may be around. Be careful as you go down because there will be a small quake and the ground will open up with fire in the middle. There will be molten lava balls flying up into the air and landing on the ground around you causing a lot of damage if they hit you. Try to go quickly in this part. To the left is a path with barrels in the way and to the right is a mine. Go down the mine and get Shurikens, medkits, and Sticky Bombs. Kill the Ripper that is in here as well. As you approach the end of the mine there will be a small quake and the wall will fall in front of you. Be careful as you go because there is lava on the ground and walls and also some fires. Now at the end of the mine is the blue key, get it.

Picture: The blue key card.

Now go back to the small area with small volcano-looking protrusion from the ground and this time go to where the barrels are and pass them. Get the Uzi and jump over the fairly large pool of lava. There are also missiles to get and a Ripper to kill. You will see a very small path for walking and on the left and right of the small pathway are large holes in the ground and big drills drilling into the ground causing the ground to shake. In the left hole there are a Ripper, Missile Launcher, caltrops, and health. To the right are grenades. Get back onto the thin pathway and keep going south. Go down the long hallway carefully watching for lava and fire. Kill the Ripper and then open the red key door.

In the middle of this room is a big square hole in the floor. To the right is a hatch in the wall with a Riot Gun inside. On the other side, to the left, is a hatch with a first aid sign on it with a portable medkit inside. Now hit the space bar or "use" button which will cause the floor to rise up and you can now stand on it, hit the space bar again and the floor will drop. Open the blue key door at the bottom and go down the mine. Watch for a Ripper and keep going. You'll come to a large drill to the right and a control box in front of the drill. Jump onto the controls and then onto the boxes to the left to get health and armor. Jump back down and keep going down the mine. You'll come to a fork in the road that leads left and right. They both go to the same place but to the left is an Uzi, flash bomb, and shotgun shells. If you do go to the left, be sure to not go too fast and fall into the fire pit.

Picture: Stay clear, or you might get drilled.

By going either way you will end up at a glass window and a control box in front of the window. Shoot the glass and jump through but don't go too fast. Not only are there two Coolies or more that you will have to kill in here but there is a big moving drill that you need to keep aware of. Just on the other side of the control box is a Guardian Head. To stay clear of the drill, go to the left and stay very close to the wall. Go quickly and get into a notch in the wall that has a gas bomb in it. You should be safe in there temporarily. When you are ready, proceed down the left wall and get into the next notch in the wall that has an Uzi in it and a couple of clips.

Picture: Turn on the fan on the left to escape the mines.

Next proceed left into the hallway and get the health. There is a fairly large pool of lava and fire in the middle of it here so try to jump over to the other side. Once over to the other side there is a Coolie you will have to kill. There is a portable medkit to the left and just beyond it to the right you'll see two large fans. The one on the left is off and the one on the right is on so you will be blown to the wall when you get in front of the right fan. Shoot the fan on the left and go through and get onto the fan on the floor. Turn around and you'll see a switch. Flip the switch which will put the fan on extra high which will blow you way up into the air. When you are in the air, hit the forward button to land in the water. Now kill the hornets and Serpent God. There are health and missiles on a slope to the north to help out. Once the Serpent God is dead, you can walk toward the large metal door and the level will end.

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