Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Stone Rain - Level 20

The final level takes place at the base of an active volcano, and so therefore it is named Stone Rain. Before you face the final battle against Zilla, you'll need to grab one key and one key card and getting these two items won't be easy as they are both guarded by bosses. You begin at the base of the volcano. You hear the words of your slain teacher's spirit, Master Leep, telling you that Zilla is indeed near and inspiring you to fight, so let's get started.

First of all, we must get the silver key. Turn to your left facing north and walk over to the inclining path that leads of the other side of the mountain. As you walk upwards, watch for enemies along the way and take them out. When you reach the top of this path, you'll come to a building. Along each side of the door are openings and you can see switches on the wall there. Shoot each switch to activate them and the door will open.

Picture: After the two switches are shot, the door opens.

As you enter the door, you'll walk into an arena where a Sumo boss is waiting for you. Quickly run along the outside of the room, picking up the items and health and dart back into the small hallway you just entered. The Sumo will stay on the mat in the center of the room and you will be safe on the other side of the wall here. Now strafe from the opening where you can see the Sumo and back to the right when you see his attack's coming. Using this technique, you should be able to defeat him easily without sustaining much damage to yourself. When he has been defeated, go back into the middle of the room and grab the silver key and the portable medkit. Grab whatever ammo you need before you exit and head back down the path to the bottom of the volcano.

Picture: The Sumo is the first of the two bosses you face before you meet Zilla.

When you reach the bottom of the volcano, stay on the north side and run up the volcano until you arise out of the cloudy smoke. Fight the enemies there and then go south staying slightly above the smoke line, avoiding lava balls, streams of lava, and enemies. As you approach the south side of the volcano, you'll see the silver key door.  Enter the silver key door and follow the path around until you see a ramp leading downward. Be sure to pick up any needed health and the Guardian Heads that are here before going down the ramp. Once you start into the ramp, you slide into a room and there is no return back up the ramp. There is an opening that leads into a hallway. Go left into the hallway heading south where you will run into another hallway. Watch for enemy attacks as you enter this hallway. When there are no enemies, turn left heading east and stock up on any needed items. Now slowly walk down the other side of the hallway. Just before you step into the lit area here, you can see a ledge above this lava filled room. As soon as you step into the lit area, the Serpent God will be there to attack you.

Picture: The Serpent God will be a real challenge to defeat.

This situation is not going to be easy to get past, so you may want to save your game at this point. Take a shot at the Serpent God with a missile (nuclear if you have one) and then walk up the ramp as you continue through this hallway. When you reach the top, turn right into the lit area and you'll be on the ledge you could see before. They are lots of fortune cookies and portable medkits on this ledge to replenish your health. Walk onto this ledge and head north to the other end. Turn northeast and take a running jump through the opening there and then turn left facing west and grab another nuclear warhead in the weapon's stash there and arm it. Pop back into the lava room and take another shot at the Serpent Boss. Continue pummeling him with missiles until you have defeated him.

Picture: Hit the button beyond the yellow key card and the ramp will become steps.

Head up the ramps until you come back to the room where you first dropped into this lair and you'll see the yellow key card on a pedestal in the center of this room. Now there is a button next to the ramp that you can activate. The ramp will turn in steps and you can jump onto them and out of the room.  Now run back to the north end of the volcano again following the smoke line avoiding any obstacles. When you reach the far side, go up and use the yellow key card on the slot and open the door. When you walk to the far left side of this small area, you'll see a switch in the center of a viewing window. Hit the switch and you'll see the lava pool in the crater of the volcano open up. Walk out of this room and go along the lip of the crater until you can use a running jump to leap into the hole.

Picture: The switch opens an area in the lava pool where Zilla is hiding.

You have dropped into the secret hiding place of Zilla. There is a path to the south that leads to him. Clear this room of any other enemies first and pick up any needed items before heading into the entrance. Follow this path and walk over the grating over the lava. When you have reach the other side of the grating, prepare for enemy attacks in the next room. After clearing this small area, walk up the slope to the landing at the top. There are four fortune cookies there to replenish your health to 200 hit points and you are going to need every one of them because Zilla is next. Hit the switch on the west wall and the door in front of you will open. Enter this room and walk onto the tilted platform ahead of you.

Picture: Zilla is at the controls of this giant robot. Defeat him!

Once you step onto the tilted platform, the platform begins to move tilting one way and then the other. Zilla is there right in front of you. The path back to the doorway is gone and you must fight him on the tilting platform and not drop off of it. I have a strategy for fighting Zilla that is very effective. Zilla is armed with heat-seeking missiles and other heavy fire power. The secret to defending against his attacks is staying close to him. Get as close to Zilla as you can. Watch which direction the platform is tilting so you can stay close to him and not fall off of the platform. Now use dual Uzi's or the Riot Gun in fast firing mode against him. Keep a watchful eye on the Boss health bar on the top of the screen as well. When Zilla's health is in the red zone, get some distance from him as when he finally is defeated, an explosion will occur that will kill you as well if you are too close to him. Continue pumping shells into him and he will crumble before you. 

Congratulations! You have defeated Zilla!