Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Shanghai Shipwreck - Level 21 (Secret Level)

This is one of the two secret levels in your mission. Your objective on this level is to find three keys and select the proper exit from the false exits to complete the level.

Picture: Swim up into the opening ahead.

In this level you start out on a wrecked ship. There is a Ninja on a cliff ahead of you firing on you. Take him out and walk down the wrecked ship to the broken mast and grab the shotgun shells there. Next dive underwater and swim to the south and grab the portable medkit. Go back up for air and then swim under again and head northeast. Swim into the opening there and grab the case of Sticky Bombs as you continue to swim to the end of this underwater tunnel. When you reach the end, swim up into the hole and prepare to face a Baby Ripper. You'll notice a crack in the south wall and as you go west you'll see a small window into another room. Shoot any enemies you can see through the window and then turn to the south and jump on the ledge and grab the night vision goggles there. Next go back toward the crack in the wall you saw earlier and lob a Sticky Bomb at it from a safe distance. Enter this opening slightly and then look up at the ceiling. You'll notice a bunch of red spears sticking down from the ceiling. When you walk forward under this it will fall and crush you. Face south and run full speed across and you should make it over safely. Once you get across there you will see a switch on the wall. Get the red key by the switch.

Picture: Beware of the crushing ceiling in this area.

Now flip the switch and to the southeast a gate will lower. Jump in the hole revealed by the gate. As soon as you jump up there, crouch down so that the fireball shooting mask cannot hit you. If you go forward slowly, you can get the Riot Gun without getting harmed. Go through the hole to the west and fall into the water. To the north are some medkits lying around the land. You will also see a large door that is locked with the red key. Unlock it and open it. Walk around the lava on the floor and head north. Once you get to the end, you will see a door that is locked with the gold key to the right. To the left is an open area with large trees growing out of the water. The tall tree in the middle has a ladder from the water leading up. At the top of the ladder is a hollowed area in the tree with a heat seeking missile shooting Orange Ninja inside. You need to act quickly on this enemy or he will release one of his missiles on you. After he has been disposed, drop down into the water and climb up the ladder to the hollowed spot. There are missiles inside and a switch on the wall.

Picture: A missile shooting Ninja is in the tree. Eliminate him quickly!

Flip the switch and turn around. You will see another large tree lower exposing an opening you can leap to. Jump onto the ledge and get the silver key to the south. Now jump down from this spot back into the water and go southwest. Go in the room with the water buckets and kill the Ninja. Keep going and turn left. Go forward and to the right you will see lava with platforms on both sides. Kill the Ninja on the other side. Turn around and you should see a ladder. Go up the ladder and get the Fortune Cookie at the top. Then go back down the ladder and go over to the other side of the lava. Go up the stairs and kill the two Ninjas. Look to the east and look down. You will see a large box and a small box. Jump down to the small box and down to the floor. Get the health and Sticky Bombs and then go southeast and jump onto the switch on the floor in the corner. Very quickly jump onto the small box and back up to the higher ledge. Run to the right and go through the newly opened door. Stop once you get inside and kill the Guardian.

Picture: Step on the switch to open the door.

You will see firetraps on the sides of the walls shooting fireballs. To get across without getting hit you will have to time your movements. They all shoot at the same time and there is a small pause in between each shot. Walk forward during the pause past the first line of fireballs and stop. Then wait until the next pause and proceed to the next. Repeat this process until you are across all the firetraps. Now unlock and open the door that takes the silver key. Go forward into the yard. You will notice an active volcano on the other side of the fence in this yard. Avoid the lava balls being spewed and walk to the large tree stump. On the side of the tree stumps are branches. Jump onto the lowest branch and then up to the left onto another slightly higher branch. From here jump on top of the stump and quickly grab the gold key.

Picture: The gold key is nestled up in the top of the tree.

Drop down off the stump and go back through the door locked with the silver key. Cross to the other side just like you got across the first time. Once you are to the other side, flip the switch on the side of the door and go through. Make your way past the lava and out to the area with the large trees in the water. Go back up the ladder into the opening in the tree and face south and jump onto the platform where you grabbed the silver key.

Now face southeast and you will see a ledge and the door locked by the gold key. Jump over to the ledge and unlock and open the door with the gold key. Go in and kill the Ninjas. In the room is a bunch of boxes. By the boxes is health and on one of the boxes is an Uzi. There is a very big box and on the floor by it is a switch. Walk onto the switch and then quickly run around the big box and go through the door that is now open. Go up the stairs and get the health if you need it. Turn to your right and open the door. Go in and you will see a switch in the middle of the room. Step onto the switch which will open three exits on the walls. Two of the exits are false exits that will trigger the opening of doors that hold many Guardians inside. The correct exit is the one to the right as you enter the room. Use this exit and the level will end.

Picture: Humm, three exits...which one should I choose?