Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Master Leep's Temple - Level 3

Master Leep's Temple is a mid-sized level with an outdoors setting for the most part. Your objective in this level is to find 3 keys and solve a few clever puzzles. You begin this level in an open courtyard where there is a huge gong hanging in front of the entrance to a door. You must strike the gong and make it sound to open the door. Once inside, you enter a with a door to the right and another locked door around the center column and around to the left their is a switched carousel that when opens houses some sticky mines. You can also see an Uzi stashed in an area that says Master Leep's Throne. Opposite to where the Uzi is placed there is a hatch which houses a gas bomb inside of the column.

From here you need to open the wooden door which winds down a small set of stairs to an area where you see some sort of monster looking dude hanging from a rope upside down over a lava pool straight ahead of you, a locked door to the right and a transparent water area to the left. Straight behind you is a butcher block with a meat clever in it and what's left of a rabbit next to it. There is also a closet to the right of the butcher block which houses a grenade launcher.You will also notice near the guy tied upside down, a raised wooden arrow pointing towards the guy. Stand on the arrow and the guy is lowered into the lava. Once he is totally submerged, a gold key is ejected from the lava pool. Use this key to gain entrance into the locked door that was to your right as you entered the room. In this room there are a few enemies and a few explosive barrels. Blow the barrels up and blow the enemies up along with them. After the explosion, enter the room and pick up a bronze key in the corner.

Next go into the transparent water and follow it along to where you can swim up into another area. You raise into another open courtyard from the water. To the east, there is a set of double doors which require the bronze key you just acquired for passage. Open this door and head to the right. You'll go past a water area and head to an area where there are some sticky bombs in a covey hole and you can also see the silver key up above on a ledge that is unreachable. Go back to the water area and you'll see a anime chick bathing and a wall with a crack in it to the right of her. If you turn around, you'll see a missile launcher, but you can't reach it. Use one of your sticky bombs and blow the wall up with the crack in it and the water level in this area will raise. Now you will be able to get the missile launcher as well as the silver key.

Picture: Blow up this wall, and let the water through to reach the silver key.

Next go back out the bronze key double doors and head north to a set of doors that take the silver key for passage. From here head down the narrow corridor that shoots fire balls from the wall and then head left. There you will see a rotating statue with a gong on it. Their is also a statue in front of the rotating statue that shoots out fire balls at you. Shot the gong with a ranged weapon and the other statue will stop shooting fire balls. Now jump onto the rotating statue and keep jumping higher on it as far as you can. As the platform rotates around, you'll have the opportunity to jump onto a platform to the south-east. Jump off and then shot the barrels around the corner and wait for the explosion to end.

Now follow the cliffs and jump across the gaps until you reach Master Leep and his crying daughter. Behind Master Leep's throne is a switch which opens a wall to the south. Enter this area and walk into the greenish transporter. After warping through the transporter jump across the lava river ahead of you to the ledge and head to your right. You see a lava lake with floating platforms on it. Jump onto one of the platforms until you travel around the lake to where you can jump onto the land half way across the lake. As you walk on this section, you'll step up one step and proceed to the left. When you get to where you can go to the left, a barrier is raised on both ends of this raised area and the ceiling starts to lower. To keep from being crushed, you need to stop the gears that are lowering the ceiling. Look to the left of this barrier you've encountered and you'll see a gear box. Act quickly and destroy the gear box and then get out before the ceiling crushes you.

Now that you can proceed, you'll see a large pool of transparent water with 6 raised steps on the walkway surrounding the pool of water. You underwater passage is blocked and you'll not get it open until you solve the puzzle of the raised steps. The object of the puzzle is to move the blocks that expose the lava across the water to until all of those blocks reveal lava. The key to unlocking this puzzle is to step on each of the two blocks in the middle of the walkway and the step to the left of the lava window. After these blocks are moved to the correct position, the underwater door will explode open.

Picture: The lava puzzle, and the pool.

Next swim under the water until you arrive on the other side. Depending on the difficulty you select, there will be at least a Ripper to greet you on the other side. Now that you've disposed of all enemies, hit the switch to open the next area past the switch. Again, clear the enemies and continue. Once you enter a narrow down-sloping'll exit the level.

Next, it is on to the Dark Woods of the Serpent, the last level of the Shareware, Level 4.