Shadow Warrior Level Secrets

Seppuku Station Secrets - Level 1

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1) In the very beginning of the level, you are in Lo Wang's dojo. Off to your left you can see through some doors that you cannot open. Behind those doors, you'll notice a gong on the wall. Throw a shuriken at the gong to make it sound off, then turn around quickly to see the secret area exposed.

2) As you start down the ramp from the street to where the gold key is located on the crates, you will notice a window of a room above those crates. This is the room that houses an Uzi. If you stand along the ledge with this room to your left, you can make out another window dead ahead. Make a running jump towards that window and you'll land on the ledge of that window. Inside, you'll see a Michael Faye reference to the Singapore caning incident along with some weapons and a medkit.

3) In the terminal entrance where you used the gold key, there is a door to the right that leads to the Koi pond. Without going through that door, push along that wall towards the corner. You see the secret area open up, but how do you get up to it? Well, there is a trash dispenser in that area as well. See if you can find a way to move that dispenser to where you can use it to reach this secret area.

4) When you go where the lockers are in Area 45, there are lockers around to your left. You'll notice 1 locker on the left side towards the middle that is slightly lighter colored than the others. This locker is the switch to another secret area. Hit the switch, run around the corner and you see a wall opened up that houses the kelvar armor.

5) In the Pachinko parlor, there is an ATM machine in the corner. If you use the machine and turn around quickly you see the rotating display lower and a fortune cookie is exposed. Run and grab it and seek your fortune grasshoppa. :)

6) The final secret area in this level is down in the lockers by where the shark fin soup stand is located. If you push on the lockers in the right side as you're facing it, you open it up and grab another fortune cookie inside.