Shadow Warrior: Game Weapons

These are the weapons that appear in Shadow Warrior.


Can be used to slice right through the lower ninjas. A very powerful weapon for short range attacks and conserving ammo.

Fists of Fury

Lo Wang can also use his powerful fighting skills at close range to punch the life out of his foes. Just don't pound on anything too hard.


You can throw three of these deadly little razors at a time. If you get low on ammo, look at surrounding walls and see if you can retrieve loose shurikens from there via the OPEN / SPACE key.


This deadly weapon has two firing modes. In the first mode, you shoot a concentrated blast via one barrel that will knock an enemy off his feet. In mode 2, you switch to using all 4 barrels of devastation. At close range you can dispatch nearly anything. But be warned. The farther you are from an enemy, the wider the spread, making this weapon less effective.


Armed with your high speed machine gun, you become even more deadly than before. But find a second Uzi and you can wield two at the same time, literally cutting your enemies to shreds. But power comes at a cost, as you will eat up ammo at a much faster rate.


In the normal mode, you shoot typical explosive rockets that will cause a great deal of damage. Once you find the Heat Seeker Card, your next 5 rockets will have heat seeking abilities (press 5 to toggle modes). Once you possess a Nuke, you can access the third firing mode. which after selected will start a countdown, after which you can fire. When you set off a Nuke, make sure to have very nearby cover, or you will glow.


This weapon launches out a 40mm explosive shell that will bounce 3 times then explode. It is ideal for dealing death in hard to reach places like ledges, or around corners. It has a very large radius area of damage, so don't be too close when it detonates.


Perhaps the sneakiest weapon in Lo Wang's arsenal, this is a small explosive device surrounded by sharp spikes, which will allow it to 'stick' to nearly any surface. Once attached to a floor, wall, ceiling, or even an enemy, there is a 3 second priming timer. Once this timer is set, the bomb will detonate when it's motion detectors sense something near. Just stick one on an enemy and watch the fun.

The following weapons appear only in the registered version of Shadow Warrior.

Railgun RAIL GUN

A top secret weapon and still classified, the Rail Gun will shoot a piece of metal at near light speed, propelled from a magnetic field. This weapon will penetrate multiple enemies, making it powerful and very useful in certain situations.


This head is collected from a particular enemy you kill. Sometimes he will lose his head and you can grab it and use its special attacks. The way you manipulate his attacks is by inserting fingers into different holes in the back of his fractured skull. Each finger will yield a different attack. One attack is a stream of burning fireballs, that will catch enemies on fire. The second mode will release a huge circle of fireballs incinerating anything in its path. These magical fireballs can even go through walls, making it ideal for rooting out that camper in a room in multiplay. The third mode will emit a wall of flaming napalm that will destroy anything in its path.


This is another weapon you can get from a fallen enemy. The ape-like 'Rippers' in the game will rip your heart out when they kill you, so it is only fitting that you can turn that power against them. You will squeeze the bloody dripping heart for a devastating attack which at press time is still being worked on.