Duke Nukem 3D v1.3d Help

Playing some of the higher levels causes the game to slow down, eventually to a stop! This is a problem with the game engine in v1.3d. What's happening is that the game is spawning an almost infinite number of game enemies in memory (you can't actually see them), and because of this, it's slowing the game to a crawl. This bug was fixed in the Plutonium PAK - you can order that here.  It cannot be fixed with v1.3d.

Mouse Control Too Fast after Patching to v1.3d shareware from v1.1

This is an easy one. Delete your config file, and then reconfigure. You'll be ok.

I'm trying to install my v1.3d registered CD, and I get told I don't have enough memory - and I have 640Megs (or higher) of memory! Follow these instructions to get everything running correctly.
  1. Run SCANDISK, CHKDSK /F, Norton Disk Doctor, PC Tools DiskFix, or other similar disk utility against your hard drive.
  2. Delete any Duke3d directory that exists on your hard drive. If you have DOS 6 or higher, use the DELTREE command. Example: C:\>DELTREE duke3d
  3. Make a directory on your hard drive for your game files. Example: C:\>MD DUKE3D
  4. Change to the directory you just made. Example: C:\>CD DUKE3D
  5. Make sure your v1.3d CD-ROM is inserted into your CD-ROM drive. Once it is inserted, copy the files from the DN3DINST directory on the CD-ROM into the current directory. For example, if your CD-ROM is in drive E:, type COPY E:\DN3DINST\*.* at the C:\DUKE3D prompt and press Enter.
  6. Use the ATTRIB command to remove any read-only attributes that might have been copied. Example: C:\DUKE3D>ATTRIB -R *.*
  7. Run the setup program to configure the game for your computer.
  8. After exiting the SETUP program, type DUKE3D to run the game. Example: C:\DUKE3D>DUKE3D you should now have an Episode 4 to choose from.

 How do I invert the mouse?

If you have v1.3d, you need to do this:

Go into the Setup program. Then select controller setup, then select advanced controller setup, then advanced Mouse setup.

Once on this screen you need to select the Y Axis. When you first go into this menu the default is +1.0 You need to change it to -1.0. once you have it on -1.0 you can exit back to the main menu then make sure to save and launch.