How to load IPX/SPX Protocol in Windows XP

Our older DOS based games Duke Nukem 3D & Shadow Warrior had LAN based network play in them.  Back then, just about every network used these protocols, but they're mostly disused today, with everything mostly being TCP/IP.   This page will show you how to activate these protocols in Windows XP.

STEP 1: Right Click on "My Network Places"

Right click on the "My Network Places" icon in the start menu and select "Properties". (or you can select "Network Connections" from the Control panel, either go to the same place).

STEP 2: Select your Network Connection

From here you will need to right click on your active network icon and select "Properties".  You will see a screen that looks similar to this.  The exact wording is not something we can tell you because it's different on every network.  You may also have more than just one icon depending on how your network is configured.  Make sure you're selecting the proper one.

STEP 3: Install IPX/SPX Protocol

After you select properties, you will see something that looks similar to the following picture.  Again, we can't accurately tell you exactly what will be listed there, as it's different for every computer.

From this screen, you want to select the Install button.   Doing so will ask you whether you want to install a client, service, or protocol.

You want to make sure "Protocol" is highlighted, and click the "Add..." button.   After selecting the Add button, you want to add the IPX/SPX Protocol.  The exact wording might be different than what you see below, but it must say IPX/SPX in the name for it to be the right protocol.

Hightlight the IPX/SPX option, and hit "OK".  This may require that you put in your original Windows XP disc, as the protocol might be stored there. 

STEP 4: Finishing up & Notes

After you hit OK, your computer will then go and install the protocol.   You will then return to the image you saw in Step 2, only with the IPX/SPX protocol added.  You will then select "OK" from there, and you will likely be asked to reboot your computer.   Even if you are not asked to reboot, you should do it anyway to make sure everything gets loaded properly.

You should also be aware that the Network play in Duke Nukem 3D & Shadow Warrior are not "Internet" play.  This only works on local LAN's.  These games came out in 1996 & 1997 respectively, long before Internet play was a part of gaming.

One final note - these steps need to be done on each computer on your network that you wish to play the game on.