Duke Nukem 3D Macintosh Help

How do I get MacDuke working on OS X?

While 3D Realms does not support this title, as MacDuke isn't done by us, we did receive this email from Duke fan Christopher Banski telling us how to get it running.

I already e-mailed asking on how to get my Mac ver to work on Mac osX and you nor the macsoft people could help, now because I love 3D realms and want to help make it better I am going to tell you how I got it to work on Mac X and I want to tell you incase anyone else needs help for Mac and comes to you

How to make it work:

1) start up and install duke in X normally

2) find the duke 3d app that you open to start duke and create a shortcut or "alias" and drop that in the Hard Disk folder entitled Mac os 9 desktop or similar this will make it easily accessible after completing the next step

3) |The fun part| got to system preferences settings menu -not the folder- and select startup disk icon from the bottom after the startup disk tab loads you will have three options ether startup in OS X folder, startup OS 9 folder, or Network startup select OS 9. This tells the computer to start up in OS 9 instead of X(*1) after the selection has been made restart the computer.(*2)

4) |back in time| after the computer starts up (if this is the first time starting up in full classic mode the user will be ask to setup the computer much like the windows equivalent of first time startups-the Mac users will be familiar with this and will go through as they did when they first turned on there Macs note that you can register later and will not deter you from playing also note that in doing this will NOT affect your hard drive data not reset anything or erase anything from your Mac OS X system(*3)

5) |welcome to 9| after the user has control of the "finder" (or desktop for windows users ref.) they will see on their desktop the duke 3d shortcut |from step 2| insert the duke CD if it is not already and start playing the game will operate fine and you will finally be able to play duke on a Mac X system

6) |returning to the present| it is OK to reregister your Mac in 9 if you want to hang out in the 9 format for a while but please note that sound format AAC will not work for the os 9 iTunes (which is in 9 version 2) I suggest not doing anything in 9 but playing games that you cant play in os X with classic environment on* now in order to return to Mac OS X you need to go into the control panels folder which is in the system folder (if you cant find it use the search engine for it) anyone who is used previous Mac OS systems will know where to look After you have gotten into the control panels folder look for the icon entitled STARTUP DISK and open it. You will get a similar tab as from before simply select os X startup folder form the list and restart the computer in order to go back to OS X and then you are done

these (*x) are foot notes for you to understand Mac better and are described below

(*1)-all Mac OSX computers come with full working versions of both X and 9 and are able to work independently form each other

(*2) this will tell the computer to start up using the OS 9 and not X this is helpful in a number of ways like for instance this particular problem of classic software not working in X or doing repairs to the OS X system while leaving the folder inactive

(*3) Both OS environments run in independent system folders and store preferences for system behavior in separate directories but both use the same non-system data on your hard drive so you can access the same data in different OS modes anything you do to this data WILL have the same affect in OS X i.e. deleting data any data deleted will be deleted in X so I only suggest handling data in OS 9 as Read only data system changes such as screen saver and wallpaper will not affect the other OS since this is a system folder setting you can of coarse save game data progress as normal without worries.

I have MacDuke, and can't play my PC Duke friends!

The Macintosh version of Duke Nukem 3D is functionally equivalent to the v1.5 Atomic Edition on the PC side. If your friends who have the PC version have either v1.3d registered, or have upgraded with the Plutonium PAK, but are only at v1.4, they won't be able to play until they upgrade to v1.5.

I have MacDuke, and can't find Build on my CD!

That's because there is no version of Build for the Macintosh. When Duke was converted to the Mac, Build was not. At this time, there are no plans to port the Build editor to the Mac.

MacDuke Support

Please be aware that 3D Realms has nothing to do with the writing, support, or distribution of MacDuke. All support for MacDuke is being done by MacSoft, a division of GT Interactive. They can be reached via E-Mail at [email protected]. You can visit Mac's Web site at http://www.wizworks.com/macsoft/. Please consult your MacDuke Users Manual for more contact information for MacSoft.