Other Companies named Apogee

The official "on paper" name of our company is "Apogee Software, Ltd.".  3D Realms is a DBA of Apogee Software Ltd. (as is Pinball Wizards).  Other companies with the word "Apogee" in their company name or with products named "Apogee" are listed here.   We don't have anything to do with these companies, but we thought we'd list some of this stuff to try and avoid some confusion.

Furthermore, we are a privately held company.  There is no "stock" you can buy in the company.  Don't bother getting excited when you see "Apogee" on a stock ticker - it isn't us.

  • Apogee Software, Inc.
    1999 South Bascom Ave
    Suite 325
    Campbell, CA 95008
    Tel: 408-369-9001
    Fax: 408-369-9018
    Makers of software compilers
  • Apogee Information Systems, Inc.
    Marlboro, Massachusetts
    Computers and telecommunications
  • Apogee Networks, Inc.
    365 West Passaic Street
    Rochelle Park, NJ 07662 
    Business Centric Network Management Solutions 
    including The NetCountant Usage Based Billing System
  • Apogee Consulting Incorporated 
    235 Garden Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
    (201) 656-1348
    Software Design
  • Apogee Data Products
    5232 West Oklahoma Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53219
    (414) 543-3121
    Software Design
  • Apogee Open Systems Corporation 
    1875 Lawrence Street # 1100, Denver, CO 80202 
    (303) 296-6736
    Software Design
  • Apogee Services Incorporated
    140 Dalkeith Glen, Arnold, MD 21012 
    (410) 647-5021
    Software Design
  • Apogee Systems 
    3400 Saint Vardell Lane # C, Charlotte, NC 28217 
    (704) 525-7996
    Software Design
  • Apogee Systems, Inc. 
    6829 Greenoak Drive, Douglassville, Georgia 30135
    Data Collection Software
  • Apogee Systems Incorporated 
    550 Hemphill Street, Fort Worth, TX 76104 
    (817) 649-5011
    Software Design
  • Apogee International Corp.
    Austin, Texas
    Market Research
  • Apogee Multimedia Group
    Pompano Beach, FL
    Network Maintenance
  • Apogee Computer Solutions, Inc. 
    20 Rausch Street, Suite A 
    San Francisco, CA 94103 
    (415) 558-9102
    VAR of Computer Hardware & Software
  • Apogee Robotics Inc.
    1625 Broadway, Suite 1600
    Denver, Colorado 80202
    Robotics Design
  • Apogee Records
    Dover, NH 03821
    Promoting Music Recordings
  • Apogee Electronics Corp. 
    Santa Monica, California
    Studio quality A/D converters
  • Apogee Enterprises Inc.
    7900 Xexes Ave. S, Suite 1800
    Minneapolis MN 55431
    Aluminum windows, glass products and curtinwall. 
  • Apogee Research, Inc.
    4350 East West Highway, Suite 600 
    Bethesda MD 20814 
    301-652-8444 voice
    301-654-9355 fax
    specializing in environment and transportation
  • Apogee Interactive
    Tucker, GA
    provider of multimedia training