Duke Nukem: Time to Kill

This all new, Sony Playstation Exclusive game continues in the grand Duke Nukem trend.  With a colossal arsenal of high-tech, all-new weapons and more Nukem attitude and humor than ever before, Duke Nukem™: Time To Kill™ gives you more of what you crave. More hard-core action! More exploration! More shooter mayhem! More of the King of Carnage!

Play against all new alien hoards in multiple time zones, using weapons designed specifically for that time period, and using clothing and outfits for that time period.


  • Experience the irreverent Nukem attitude up close and personal in dynamic 3rd person perspective for the first time.
  • Shoot your way through 28 expansive and totally interactive levels set in painstakingly realistic 3D environments.
  • Master a massive arsenal of weaponry and equipment including the Holy Hand-Grenade, Flamethrower, Jet-Pack and much more!
  • Battle multitudes of horrific alien-scum as old enemies and totally new ones pour into the fray.
  • Battle your friends with competitive 2-player split screen mode.

The Game Story

It's like this: Duke was celebrating his recent victory over the scum-sucking alien pigs (and lizards, and brains, etc...) with a few brews and babes at the Club Bootylicious when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a bunch of pig cops came busting in.  He took care of them and headed for his 1968 custom hog, when it changed in a flash of light into a pink girly bike!  Well, you can mess with Duke, but don't mess with his ride!

Duke, being a pretty bright guy for a mean son of a bitch, figured it out right away.  The aliens were trying to take over the world before Duke was around to stop them.  They were messing up history... and REALLY pissing him off.  Duke drew his gun and headed out to find the alien time gate in the Modern World.  He knew that this time, it was all or nothing if he wanted to save the world's past and get his bike back.

This time he's kicking ass and taking names and he is not going to stop until he gets his world back the way he likes it... bikes, babes, brews, and all.

One Duke finds and activates the Time Portal, he will find himself transported back and forth across time to the various lands and eras targeted by the aliens.  The primary areas of attack are Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, the Old West, and Duke's home base in New L.A.

Originally released October 12, 1998.

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Time to Kill TV Commercial

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  1. ttkpromo1.zip - Time to Kill promo video (Real Video - 5.4Mb)
  2. ttkcomm1.mov - 30 second commercial @ 160x120 (4.47Mb)
  3. ttkcomm2.mov - 30 second commercial @ 320x240 (9.75Mb)

What others are saying

Some more game features as detailed in the Playstation.fan preview:

The game surface is one not used in any Duke game before, so expect some originality... thank god! In this game Duke will be sporting a totally new 3rd person view. They've added a few things to Duke to make it stand out from its competition. In this game, when Duke has to travel through time, he's not able to take those big guns with him. (damn!) But he is allowed to use weapons from that time. When Duke travels to the "Old West" to kill some pigs you'll find he's going to be showing off his marksmanship using a six shooter. They've even went as far in this game to give Duke some new clothes, which match the era of time he's in. (To fit in maybe?) When Duke travels to Ancient Rome, he wears a toga, and fights with a sword. (Poor Duke!) Duke also travels to the Medieval times, and of course he'll be roughing it up in Los Angeles also. Something that they've added to the game to be true to the old Dukes is his jet pack. So far i've only seen screenshots with it in Los Angeles, so don't expect to be flying around pigs in toga's with it. So far the game looks like its going to be a pretty decent action game, which provides fast movements and a little ingenuity to get through the levels with a pulse.

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Meet the Time to Kill Team


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This is the Duke Nukem: Time to Kill Development Team.  Click on each person's head to learn a little about them. (Requires Javascript)

Not shown: Erick S. Dyke & Jamie Gunter-Boulware.