Virtual Tour

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Welcome to Apogee / 3D Realms HQ in Garland, Texas. We're glad you could stop by our offices today and check out the place. Feel free to walk around, and explore our offices! On the tour, you'll be able to see all of us in our offices, and interact with some of the things found in the rooms.

Some of the pictures you'll run into are imagemaps. We've hidden some gags and surprises on the tour, and some of them are imagemaps.

Enjoy the tour, and don't forget to come back often, as you never know what else will be added to the tour, and what surprises we might hide!

Update June 1997: The tour has been totally redone with all new pictures! We bought a digital camera for use on our web site, and it was used on all of the pictures on the virtual tour. If you're interested, it's a Kodak DC-120, and you can get more info here.