Wacky Wheels

Nothing beats the excitement of playing against other human racers, and in Wacky Wheels, you can do just that. You and a friend can play at the same computer (split-screen mode), or play head-to-head using a modem connection, or via serial (null-modem) cable. Or, you can race against challenging computer opponents who have adjustable degrees of difficulty. Either way, Wacky Wheels is packed with the features you want: non-stop action and variety, heart-racing music and furious 3D point-of-view vivid VGA graphics and animations. It's so fun, you'll hate to finish.

The wild kingdom of racing!

You can play any of eight wacky animals in Wacky Wheels. Each animal has its own colorful antics and animations, including a tiger, elephant, raccoon, panda, shark, and more. Here's the good part: These animals are not wimpy racers, they are very competitive. They hate to lose! We've programmed each racer with a artificial intelligence and they take great joy in bumping you and zooming past you when you spin off the track. (As each racer passes you they turn their head toward and honk their horn.)

You get several games in one package!

In Wacky Wheels, you get six unique racing game modes. Including time trials, normal racing (with many variations), battle zones, and the just-for-fun duck shoot-outs. With so many ways to play, you can count on this staying fun for a long time--we've built in a lot of play value. Take, for example, the duck shoot-outs. The shoot-outs take place on special battle zones, which are not designed for racing. The object is to race around a huge, wide open area, full of obstacles, and maze-like walls, all the while collecting ammo and shooting at the ducks-on-wheels. If you think it sounds funny, wait until you play it. It's funnier than you think! Some ducks only take one shot to pluck, others (with helmets) require two shots. You get a limited time to shoot as many as you can and earn a spot on the high score chart, bumping off you family and friends.

Nothing beats the competitive feel of racing. Feel the thrill as you race past your opponent, slam their car into a water trap, and beat them by a bumper to the finish line. You won't want to finish because Wacky Wheels is too exciting: Avoiding the obstacles, knocking against opponents, launching your weapons against them, beating them to the short cuts, engaging turbo mode on the straightaway, using your hand brake to skillfully hug tight corners without spinning out, and hitting jumps with perfect timing so that you sail above and past your opponents while executing a perfect 360 rotation in midair!

You get 15 original race tracks

After you select your wacky race character, you get to select any of 21 unique race tracks (42 in the "Upgrade Edition"). Each track has a distinctive winning strategy. It's up to you to figure out the best way race each one.

There are three classes of tracks, from novice to expert, which present a wide range of wacky racing conditions. There's also two racing speeds, normal and radical. Beginning players should not attempt to play at the higher speed! All tracks have special obstacles and dangers: Water traps, cacti, oil slicks, posts, stacks of tires, and more. Some tracks are surrounded by water (you can race underwater!) and even lava.

Wacky weapons help you win!

But what you're not expecting is the hedgehogs! Grab all the track-populated hedgehogs you can and hurl them like baseballs at the other racers to send them spinning out of control - giving you time to pass 'em by. Other weapons to collect include bombs, oil slicks, ice blocks, and flame balls.

High speed racing action

Apogee games are action-packed, and Wacky Wheels is a perfect example. From start to finish you get edge-of-your-seat excitement and action. When playing, you'll grit your teeth, lean your body into the corners and scream "EAT MAGMA!" as you launch a hedgehog that sends the racer in front of you spinning into the lava!

And nothing beats the excitement of racing head-to-head against your friends. Two players can compete on the same computer (split-screen mode) or using modems. Two players can race each other, or battle in one of the six Comm-bat zones that are included.


  • High-speed 3D point-of-view racing!
  • Large variety of race tracks. (42 total in the "Upgrade Edition".)
  • Two-player, head-to-head modes via modem connection, serial link or at the same computer.
  • Time trials mode, allows you to go for a record time on each track.
  • RemoteRidicule(tm) feature, allows you to send a funny, distracting, or informational message to your opponent during modem matches.
  • Opponents are programmed to be very competitive.
  • 60 high score charts--one for each of the unique racing options.
  • Giggle keys, which allow you to send funny messages to your opponents.
  • Many cheat passwords, and a secret ammo power-up key.
  • Amazing music by Mark Klem.

Originally released October 17, 1994.

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  1. 1wacky.zip - v1.1 shareware episode (1616k)
  2. ww_advert.pdf - Original mailing advertisement for Wacky Wheels (645k)

System Requirements



  • 386 Computer
  • 4 meg of memory
  • 4.0 meg of Hard Drive Space (for shareware)
  • 6.9 meg of Hard Drive Space (for registered)


  • Joysticks
  • Gravis Gamepad
  • Adlib
  • Sound Blaster
  • Sound Blaster Pro
  • Sound Blaster 16
  • Pro Audio Spectrum 16
  • Gravis UltraSound
  • Wave Blaster
  • Roland Sound Canvas
  • Disney/Tandy Sound Source
  • Any General MIDI Device



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Ordering Wacky Wheels

Format: Registered Download - File size: 3.59Mb

NOTE: The version for sale here is the "Upgrade Edition" version of the game with the upgrade already applied.

Estimated Download Times:
28.8 Modem - 17 Minutes, 25 Seconds
56k Modem - 8 Minutes, 57 Seconds
128K ISDN - 3 Minutes - 55 Seconds
T1 - 19 Seconds