Wolfenstein 3D


Due to the game content, this game may not be ordered by residents of Germany.

The story: You're William J. "B.J." Blazkowicz, the Allies' bad boy of espionage and a terminal action seeker. Your mission was to infiltrate the Nazi fortress Castle Hollehammer and find the plans for Operation Eisenfaust, the Nazi's blueprint for building the perfect army. Rumors are that deep within the castle the diabolical Dr. Schabbs has perfected a technique for building a fierce army from the bodies of the dead. It's so far removed from reality that it would seem silly if it wasn't so sick. But what if it were true?

As an escaped prisoner in a Nazi war prison, you will move smoothly through a 3D world full of amazing detail and animation Unlike other 3D games, you'll run through a sensational and realistic 3-D environment, with intelligent moving guards and opponents.


Wolfenstein 3-D has won these RETAIL industry awards in 1992:

  • "One of the eight most important games ever created" -- PC Gamer
  • "Best Arcade/Action Game" -- Software Publishers Association "Codie" Award
  • "Best Arcade/Action Game" -- Compute magazine
  • "Most Popular Game" -- PC World magazine (reader's poll)
  • "Best Action Game" -- Video Games & Computer Entertainment magazine
  • "Most Innovative Game" -- Video Games & Computer Entertainment magazine
  • "Editor's Choice Award" -- Shareware Magazine
  • "Best Entertainment Software (Finalist)" -- PC/Computing


  • Intense and mood-setting Ad Lib music throughout the entire game.
  • Incredible digitized effects for Sound Blaster and Disney Sound Source.
  • Fastest 3D VGA animated full-screen wide game available for IBM PC!
  • Play with keyboard, joystick, mouse or Gravis Gamepad.
  • Save and restore games, plus quick-save and quick-load hot keys.
  • Must be played on an 80286 or better machine. Does not run on XT systems.
  • ...and much, MUCH MORE!

Play the game that spawned an entire genre!

Originally released May 5, 1992.

Image Gallery


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  • 1wolf14.zip - v1.4 shareware episode (836k)
  • wolf3dsu.zip - Freeware release of Wolf3D Super Upgrades addon for full version (1.7Mb)
  • w3d_su_advert.pdf - Original advertising for Wolf3D Super Upgrades addon (900k)



System Requirements



  • 286 Computer (386+ Strongly Recommended)
  • 528k of conventional memory (2Mb total memory recommended)
  • 3 meg of Hard Drive Space (for shareware)
  • 8 meg of Hard Drive Space (for registered)


  • Sound Blaster/Sound Blaster Pro or 100% compatible (with SB IRQ of 7 or less)
  • Adlib
  • Joystick
  • Mouse
  • Gravis Gamepad
  • Disney Sound Source



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Registered Download Information

Format: Registered Download - File size: 1.30Mb

Estimated Download Times:
28.8 Modem - 6 Minutes, 18 Seconds
56k Modem - 3 Minutes, 14 Seconds
128K ISDN - 1 Minutes - 25 Seconds
T1 - 7 Seconds

NOTE: This is a PC version - Apogee/3D Realms does not sell a Macintosh version of the game, nor any other version besides the 1992 PC original.

NOTE TO GERMAN RESIDENTS: Please note that we are legally prohibited by German law from selling this item to any address in Germany. If you order this, your order will be cancelled. Thank you.