Duke Nukem Mobile 3D

Carnage on the Go
Come Get Some!

Duke Nukem, king of all action heroes, brings your phone to life with full 3D, kick-ass action.  Mop the floor with alien goo!  This game turns your cell phone into pure adrenaline with its unbelievable 3D graphics.  More aliens, weapons, and awesome levels than most human life forms can handle.  Are you ready?


  • Duke Nukem, one of the most recognized names in videogames, available on the PC, Sony Playstation, Gameboy, Nintendo 64, Zodiac Tapwave, & mobile phones.
  • Amazing 3D graphics & audio
  • "Most anticipated game of 2005" (Gamespot)
  • Tons of challenging levels filled with plenty of aliens to wipe out.

How you get it

  • You can order and download this game directly from your Verizon & Alltel cell phones in North America.
  • Coming soon to Sprint & ATT/Cingular.

Supported Carriers & Phones:

  • Verizon: Audiovox 8940, LG VX8000, LG VX8100, Motorola E815, Samsung A890
  • Alltel: Motorola V710
  • Pelephone: Motorola A840
  • Vivo Brazil: Kyocera KX2, Samsung A895


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