Head to the left, then when you turn to the right there will be two guys behind some boxes. After them head down to the door.

There will be one guy through the door and just down the stairs. Then another guy at the very next turn of the stairs.

Continue down the stairs and into the water. As you round the corner to the next platform 3 guys will be waiting for you.

Head up the stairs and through the next station room. When you get to the next set of stairs there will be two guys to the top and right of the stairs.

Now that you are at the top of the stairs the two guys are on the other side of the boxes. There are also 2 more guys past them and to the left down some stairs. After taking care of all 4 thugs check out the door to learn you need to find some detonators.

Head down the stairs and through the next room. The go through the rock rubble area.

You'll come to a safe door. There is going to be 5 guys inside this first safe area. Once you take care of these 5 there is going to be 4 more guys in the next control room. After you kill them all take the painkillers from the table.

Use the phone to get a little more info. The main monitor controls the side vaults. You need to open each of these, get the stuff you need, and then change what door is opened. So hit the button once and head into vault C.

Check out the bonds on the table and then go to the controls and open vault A. Go into vault A and get the detonators. Then open the door you entered through again and head back to the wired door.

The room with the boxes is going to have 3 more thugs in it when you get back. After taking care of them use the door to plant the detonators and step back.

After the door explodes you'll get a cut scene. After that there will be 3 thugs just up the stairs. After killing them, but before heading up the stairs, go into the subway cubicle to get a bunch of painkillers. Then head up the stairs.

The next left will have 4 bad guys in it. After taking care of them grab the painkillers in the cubicle and then use the gate controls to open the gate.

Head through the gate and you'll finish this chapter.

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This walkthrough was created by Charles Adams.
It originally appeared online here.
Reprinted with permission.