December 1, 1998

Duke vs. US Senate II

The two folks you see to your right are United States senators Herbert Kohl and Joseph Lieberman. They have just published their fourth annual "Video Games Report Card", and guess what? Duke Nukem made the list again. There is a related story about this press conference over at MSNBC, which lists their alternate non-violent video games. This is what they had to say about Duke:

Lieberman says, however, that some 20 percent of the games can best be described as ultra-violent. He says such games as "Duke Nukem" and "Cardinal Syn" glorify brutality, carnage and killing.

On our December 1997 News Page, we reported on these same two senators attacking Duke Nukem. Two years in a row - we must be doing something right! :) Thanks Tina Haumersen.

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