December 1, 1998

Duke Nukem Time to Kill Rated Higher than Tomb Raider 3

Over at Gamespot UK, TTK scores an 87%, while TR3 settles for an 80% score.

The review for TR3 references TTK is several places, pointing to TTK's superiority, stating: "...there are in fact a few elements introduced in the very similar 3D adventure Duke Nukem: Time to Kill that could have helped Tomb Raider III."

The TR3 review also says, "For those who are looking to shoot or carve through tons of foes in a 3D environment, there are games like GT Interactive's Duke Nukem: Time to Kill...but the Tomb Raider line remains more about puzzles than combat."

Posted by Joe Siegler on December 1, 1998 at 1:00 PM | Permalink
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