February 25, 1999

Jumpman Died!

One of the earlier games Apogee did (slightly over eight years ago now) was a game called Jumpman Lives. We no longer have anything to do with this title (we hold no copyright or anything on the game). In fact, our official stance on the game is this:

Apogee no longer publishes Jumpman Lives, nor do we provide registered versions, or offer any support for it. We retain no copyright to the game, and we cannot assist people looking for the program, and disavow ourselves of the game.

No further information about Jumpman Lives is available from Apogee. In short, Jumpman died.

With that said, we'd like to point out a link that recently popped up on the Internet about this old game we did. Lon Matero's Apogee page has done a feature on the Jumpman Lives! game, giving some of the history of it. If you're at interested in this game, you should check it out.

If you're interested in reading some more of our company history, make sure to check out our Milestones & History page, as well as our Detailed Release History page.

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