Shadow Warrior: CD Audio Track Listing


If you bought the registered version of Shadow Warrior, you will notice that the music tracks are CD music. All of these were composed by Lee Jackson, our resident Music & Sound Director. Here's a track listing of all the tracks on the CD-ROM.

These are for the registered version only! These tracks do not appear on the shareware CD.

1 Computer Data N/A
2 Theme Song Okinoww!a
3 End of Level (scoreboard) music Okinoww!a - reprise
4 Level Music Everybody OFF!!!
5 Level Music Attention
6 Level Music Leep's Prophecy
7 Level Music Love Field
8 Level Music Nin-Nin Gets His
9 Level Music Shellac
10 Ambient Style Level Music Landwaster
11 Ambient Style Level Music Thunder Winds
12 Ambient Style Level Music A Game of Chants
13 Level and/or Boss Music Shadow Raver
14 End Game Music Lo Wang's Rap