Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Hara-Kiri Harbor - Level 7

As the name would suggest, this level has a setting of a harbor. There are many buildings, a large body of water and of course, lots of enemies ready to stop you from completing this level. I would say this level is fairly small. Your objective is to find two keys, then grab a toolkit to repair one of the two speed boats on this level to obtain a 3rd key and finally a 4th key and exit the level. This sounds easy doesn't it? Well maybe not as easy as it sounds.

You start this level in a small shack with a window and a door. Out of the window Ninjas are ready to attack you right away. Shoot them and jump out of the window. To your left there is a small area that holds lots of items you should need. Grab them and then turn back to the east. Ahead of you are quite a few explosive barrels. It's a good practice to shoot these barrels for a couple of reasons. First of all, if you are near the barrels and some stray gunshots hit them, you are likely to take a ton of damage. Secondly, sometimes weapons and items are hidden inside the barrels that you probably can use. Keep this in mind throughout this entire level. Make your way to the water ahead of you watching out for attacking enemies as you proceed.

As you enter the water, hold to the right. You will approach a small round room and enemies will be inside. Kill them and then go inside of the room where there are a Railgun and a medkit. Looking out of the window in this room, you can see a broken speed boat and off to the distance a large boat. Jump out of the window watching out for enemies to your right and proceed closer to the large boat. As you near the boat you'll notice a waterfall to the left of the boat. There are some sniper Ninjas up there so take them out before they take you out. You'll also see many barrels surrounding the boat. Shot them when you are at a safe distance from them and explode them. As you approach the dock where the boat is tied off, there is a path to the right. Watch out for enemies off to that area as well. You'll be sure to meet up with at least one heat-seeking missile launching Orange Ninja there so be aware. Now that the area is clear of enemies, jump into the large boat. The red key is located in the middle of the boat.

Picture: The red key is in the middle of the large boat amongst the barrels.

Next proceed back the same way you traveled here until you are back by the window you first leaped out of in the small shack. You should be facing west now. Turn to your right and walk forward a few steps and you'll see the red key door, but don't open the door just yet. Turn to your left and walk along the outside of this room until you are at the end of it. Again, watch for enemies. Continue going to your left around the fence until you can see a small pond with a lot of old dead tree limbs sticking out from the water. You can see a Guardian Head if you continue around. Grab it and then walk back toward the back side of the red key door room. There is a window that has bars on it on this room. Walk up to the window and shoot any enemies you can see through the bars. You'll also see the silver key from this window. Now go back around to the door and open it up, grab the silver key. There is also a nuclear warhead by the door and an armor vest hidden behind the flame in the northwest corner.

Picture: Shoot any enemies thru this window before you go after the silver key.

As you walk back out of this room, you'll see the silver key door straight ahead of you looking east. Proceed cautiously to the door and open it up. Right away you'll be fired on by enemies. Pick them off and use the crate to your left for cover. To the south you'll notice a toolkit on top of the crates there. There is a pesky Ninja popping from behind these crates taking potshots at you. Pick off the Ninja and grab the toolkit and the other items behind the crates he was hiding behind. Once this room is cleared from enemies. Jump on top of the crates within this room. You'll find shotgun shells and a Missile Launcher on top of these crates.

Picture: Pick off the pesky Ninja behind the crates and grab the toolkit.

The next key you need to find can only be attained with the help of one of the speed boats. Walk out of the silver key door heading left in a southern direction a few steps until you can see the harbor again to your left. Now walk back into the water and head to your right until you reach the broken speed boat that was near the large boat with the red key inside. Once you are standing on the speed boat, hit your space bar or whatever button you have configured as your "use" key and the boat will be repaired and you will be driving it. Drive the boat around to the north now past the well past the harbor where you entered the water. As you travel toward the end of the water in this direction, you'll notice a couple of waterfalls on the left cliffs. If you look closely, you'll see a bronze key on top of the first waterfall to your left. Drive your boat right up to the waterfall. When you are positioned correctly, use the space key again to exit the driving mode of the speed boat. Now jump from the speed boat onto the waterfall and grab the key. You can also grab some shotgun shells up here if you need them.

Picture: The bronze key is a hard one to find, unless you know where to look.

Now head back to the harbor either with or without the boat and walk back to the silver key door. Just past the door, you'll see an opening that leads into a courtyard. Do not go in there yet. Continue walking north and you'll reach the bronze door key. Open the door and step inside. In here you won't find the conventional enemies but instead a horny old woman looking to put the moves on Lo Wang. Scarier than any of the enemies you've faced so far right? Well, the old women will not attack you, so you're safe in that respect. In this area there is an underwater trap that you must defeat in order to get the remaining gold key. What you have to do here is open the gate under the water pit in the middle of this room and grab the gold key and then swim back inside of the gate before it closes. If you don't make it, you will drown, so now is a good time to save your game progress.

Picture: This homely old woman has the hots for Lo Wang!

Here's how I suggest you accomplish this feat. Just inside this room you'll notice a button switch on the short wall in front of the door. This switch activates the gate under the water. Now there are Koi fish under the water outside of the gate that you should kill before attempting to make a move for the key. Go down under water and kill all the fish taking as many trips up for air as you need. Once you have done this, take a good look at where the key is and what would be the shortest path to grab it. Now go to the switch on the wall and activate it. Quickly jump into the pit and swim through the open gate and grab the gold key. Unless you are very skilled don't waste time grabbing the Railgun as this gate stays open only a short time and there is also a strong current to contend with. Swim back into the gate before it closes and then swim to the surface.

Picture: The gold key will be difficult to attain in the underwater pit.

Now exit this room and go into the courtyard I talked about between the silver and bronze doors. Get ready to fight as this area is loaded with tough enemies. When you have defeated them, walk around this area and pick up health, weapons and ammo you might need. You'll also notice a dock in this area with another broken speed boat. With this speed boat to your left, walk east around the outside of the large building here. If you jump over the other side of the fence, you'll find a fortune cookie there to replenish your health. As you reach the end of this building prepare again to battle some Female Warriors. After they have been disposed, continue around the building and you'll come to the gold key door.

Open the gold door and prepare to be attacked by Small Rippers. Once you've killed them all, go into the room and grab any items you need and hit the exit switch for the next level.

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