Duke Nukem: Zero Hour Enemies

What would a Duke Nukem game be without a cast of the creepiest, crawliest, most disgusting, and all-around foul smelling jerks you've ever seen? As you pilot our blonde-haired beefcake through history's most critical points, you can be sure that just about every move you make will be blocked by all manner of baddies. Just so you're prepared for the onslaught of these malcontents, we here thought it might be good to throw together a little primer. So without further ado, take a look below at the abominations just waiting to give you flak in Duke Nukem: Zero Hour.

Alien Beasts

These vicious monsters have only a single purpose: defending their alien masters to the death. They can take incredible amounts of damage before dying, move very fast, jump very high, and can claw you horribly at close range. On top of all this, it is reported that these beasts have the nasty ability to emit shrink rays.

Apocalypse Cannibals

The mutant flesh-hungry survivors of the apocalypse, these roam the shattered cities and desert wastelands of the first episode. They are cannibals: once human, they have devolved into sub-humans eating their own kind. They are slow moving and not too intelligent, although they are persistent. Armed with melee weapons like bats, pipes, bones, and even the occasional chainsaw, these flesh-eating morons have the potential to be extremely dangerous (especially in large numbers). You're best bet is an explosive or shotgun blast to the noggin.


With machine-gun blazing, the armored Enforcer can make fast business of dispatching any remaining human opposition. If they get close enough, they can spit a powerful gob of acid on you too. Powerful hind legs enable the Enforcer to leap to many places where an unsuspecting Duke may be caught off guard... so beware. The Enforcer may drop either SMGs or ammunition when it buys the alien freak farm. There are three vicious varieties of these particularly distasteful baddies. Take a gander below for details.

Enforcer Captain

Wearing dark red uniforms, these are similar to the basic Enforcer but are armed equipped with the 'wrist-mounted Phase Induced Teleporter Device (PITD)' which allows them to teleport. You'll want to keep an eye on the jetpack-bedecked Enforcer Captains cuz in later levels, they're apt to be dropping grenades on Duke's unsuspecting noodle.

Battle Enforcer

These alien misanthropes will wear black uniforms and be armed with either twin SMGs or twin blaster pistols. If Duke's got the right weapons, these guys can quickly become fodder.

Cyborg Enforcers

Take a Battle Enforcer and rebuild it with a range of cybernetic implants: an extra pair of arms, implant laser gattling guns, cyberoptic targeting, and bionic legs, and you've got a Cyborg Enforcer. These Cyborgs move faster, jump further, and are more accurate than normal Enforcers. Worse, they won't drop any weapons or ammo on dying. You're going to need a firm defensive strategy and some heavy power to withstand repeated attacks from these metallic mayhem bringers.


This character's abundant brain mass and specialized trifocal vision combine to make the Octabrain a formidable alien weapon against all sentient life on Earth. Their method of attack is a powerful blast of mental energy released against its prey, thus weakening and confusing its intended victim. If the victim doesn't die from the mind blast, the Octabrain's powerful razor sharp teeth are ready to finish the job. The Octabrain prefers dark and secluded habitats from which to wage its attack. A generally unprotected, though tough and leathery, body offsets their immense mental power. Keep an eye out for these psionic punks in dark or water-heavy areas. Keep moving to avoid their blasts and rip 'em a new one with your highest gauge weapon.

Pig Cops

The Pig Cops are mutated alien operatives positioned to suppress residual human opposition and to police the new centers of alien power on Earth. Their distinct warthog-like appearance and aggressiveness make them easy to spot but difficult to overcome. They brandish pump-action shotguns and have a special surprise ground level attack. These characters have extremely high intolerance to the presence of humans, and exhibit blind rage when they detect human scent. Also, protective body armor worn beneath their uniforms give them added endurance. When killed, Pig Cops may drop either their shotgun or body armor.


You'll recognize this particular brand of pig cop by the Gray combat gear, black body armor, and shot gun. Don't let the similarity fool you, though: these, uh, guys are the embodiment of "ill tempered." Further, the shotgun blasts that normally kill their brethren will do little; you're best bet is to fall back on the SMGs.

Riot Pigs

With black full-body armor, a visored helmet, and a gas grenade launcher, it's hard to miss the Riot Pigs. Aliens are of course immune to this gas, so Duke cannot use it as a weapon against them. Naturally, you'll have to equip yourself with a gas mask to avoid being damaged by these lingering green gasses. Again, SMGs are your best bet against them.

Plague Zombies

Corpses reanimated by the alien virus of the Victorian time zone. They need fresh human tissue to keep the virus working in their decomposing bodies. They are slow moving and not too intelligent, although they will be persistent. They will be able to absorb a lot of damage, making them dangerous if they can corner Duke. Some may be armed with melee weapons such as clubs made from wood or bones.

Recon Patrol Vehicle (RPV)

This sleek and deadly anti-gravity powered reconnaissance vehicle is operated by specially trained Pig Cops for the purpose of maintaining alien control in areas of human resistance. The attack mode of this craft is aerial strafing by side mounted laser cannons. The pilots of these craft are protected by an automatic pilot ejection mechanism that activates milliseconds before impact during a crash.

Bomber RPVs will have a new attack mode: bombing runs, which scatter gas or explosive grenades around.

Gunship RPVs will make strafing attacks with plasma or laser weapons.


These evil little multi-legged insectile parasites will scurry along the floors and ceilings, before dropping onto Duke and stinging or biting him. Their movement and attack modes make them a different style of opponent…the extremely dangerous style!  Scuttlers are spawned by a larger alien creature called the Spawner. This will continue to produce new Scuttlers as the old ones are destroyed, so taking out this monster will be especially important.

Sentry Drone

Mechanized death -- there's no better way to describe these airborne alien watchdogs. By the time you hear their high pitched whine as they engage their anti-grav propulsion units, it's probably too late. The drone will swiftly collide with its target and explode with great force. Latest reports suggest that the drones have been refitted with defensive evasion microchips.

Patrol Drones will perform a different function, following a predefined patrol route and shooting at anyone they encounter with plasma or rocket weapons. Duke can therefore blow them away or simply wait for them to pass before continuing.

Underwater Drones which will home in on Duke, firing torpedoes.

Sentry Guns

Mounted on tripods, these bad boys will stop you in your track with rounds of plasma, Scatter Lasers, and grenades. Like OJ always says, "Look out!"


You just have to love any sea-faring baddie that looks and acts like the real thing…right down to its ability to smell blood! If Duke's wounded in the water, they're going to be on you like stink on, uh, stuff. Get rid of 'em quick before a feeding frenzy ensues!


Rattlesnakes: This slithery jerk-face offers up a potentially lethal poisonous attack in the confines of Old West levels. These are too easy to underestimate…make sure you don't, or you'll end up on Boot Hill!

Watersnakes: Like the Rattler, only a bit bigger and found in the Victorian era. Fortunately, they'll only be a menace while you're underwater…but if they get you, you might be in trouble.

Spore Eggs

These gas-filled death spores are exactly what you DON'T want to accidentally blow up. They're usually found in groups and - when shot - release cloud after cloud of poisonous gas. Time your attack on them wrong, and you could wind up the victim of green gas death…and no one wants that.

Zombie Knights

These monsters are sewn-together reanimated corpses wearing rusty collections of armor plates and ragged chain mail. Armed with swords and axes, they are relatively slow-moving but dangerous in close combat. Their undead nature and armor make them especially resistant to low-power attacks, but they are especially prone to explosive attacks.