Contest #234: June 9th to June 22nd, 2006

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The winning entry was submitted by Kieron Bosveld. It was:

Crystle has secretly set up a small Prey portal on the pool table, with the other end carefully aimed at Chris's little Indian.

Some of the others (in no particular order):

  1. Hmm... The Jedi mind trick isn't working... And neither are these X-Ray glasses. Topless indeed! (Brendan Vogele)
  2. "Nice rack! ... I mean for the balls... the pool balls! Not.. nevermind." (Jason Roop)
  3. Using his shirt slogan as an opener, Chris's attempts to flirt with the talent didn't quite pan out. Moments later, Crystle's attempt to wail on Chris upside the head with the pool cue fared much better. (Cameron Orr)
  4. Stick, balls, sexy female bending over a pool table. Nope, I can't think of a single funny caption for this picture. (John White)
  5. Chris is in clear violation of his own t-shirt policy. (Patrick Johnson)
  6. Chris: "Hey, Crystle, notice my TWO watches? The other one's biological and its alarm goes off tonight, my place." (Silver Sepp)
  7. Chris turmoils in his head, "DAMNIT!!! I asked her if she wanted to FOOL around, not POOL around! Of course, that Talon butt hat tatoo is not a bad view... Talon guide me!!!" (Dan Troutt)
  8. "Blue Balls in the Rhinehart Pocket" (Al Hunt)
  9. Chris' wife (or girlfriend) must have taken this picture. Why else was he staring at the camera? (John White)
  10. Real Man Deep Thoughts: "Damn, she's hot!"

    Over-worked developer Deep Thoughts: "Hmmm, to calculate the initial velocity of my last shot, I need to use *Newton's Second Law*.......The quantity Δ*t* in this equation is the amount of time the cue is in contact with the ball, a quantity which.....The quantity *m* is the mass of the cue ball, usually around .5 kg; and the quantity *k* is the spring constant from *Hooke's Law*, which I arbitrarily assign a reasonable value (around 10 kgm/s2). The vector *x* is the difference between the cue ball and the tip of the cue after it is drawn back....." (Jason Parrish)
  11. Crystle thinking: "I just know some idiot is going to see this photo and make a bunch of stupid sexual references". (Elias Aoude)
  12. The reason Chris is looking up and not down is because he knows if this scene was a movie, the title would be: "A Chick, a Stick, and Sadly... only 1 Ball." (Jon Humphries)
  13. Why do they always give the see-through shirt with the provocative saying to the wrong person?!?! (Mark Schneider)
  14. Crystle says, "One more crack about '3 Ninjas Knuckle Up' and you get the stick and cue ball in your 'corner pocket'. (Matthew Thomas)
  15. Chris: I wonder if Carmack ever regrets doing games with Imps instead of girls. (Alex ???)

In reality, this is Chris Rhinehart and Crystle Lightning after Prey audio recording sessions playing some pool.