Contest #235: June 23rd to July 7th, 2006

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The winning entry was submitted by Miles Dowe. It was:

"Trying her best not to follow the same fate as her videogame counterpart, Crystle grabs hold of the nearest anchor, Ed Lima. His weight proves more than a match for the tractor beams and saves Crystle. Chris dies 2 hours later due to alien experimentation."

Some of the others (in no particular order):

  1. Reality aside, Ed has cleverly distracted Crystle so Chris can have some eye candy...again. (Alex Smith)
  2. Crystle couldn't decide on what exactly Ed's hand was smelling like, though she definitely did agree with him that it smelled ", like, totally nasty dude!" (Daniel Weid)
  3. "Hey Crystle, you know that half open mouth look is reserved for Duke Nukem." (Jim Dixon)
  4. "When Crystle boasted that she would have sex with any man who could best her in an arm wrestle, she hoped Chris would take up her offer, not Ed." (Graeme Philips)
  5. I've heard of pull my finger, but this is ridiculous. (Staci ???)
  6. Good thing they got abducted becuase this would be Tommy and Jen in 2 years. (Eric Holsinger)
  7. Since Ed Lima made a wager with Crystle to make Chris Rhineharts' t-shirt become reality if he wins the match, she desperatly tries not to lose. (Michiel Sypkens Smit)
  8. "OK, now you swear this is going to make a diamond out of that piece of coal and this isn't just some sort of creepy way of tricking me into having physical contact with you?" (Michael Merry)
  9. Sometimes a buildup can get so big you have to skip the finger and have someone pull the whole arm. (Charles Morris)
  10. Behind every good woman is a... Chris Rhinehart?!? (Erwin Dunbar)
  11. Witness Ed Lima, a man with the strength of ten men! Would you believe five men? How about one really large man? Okay, on a good day and when he's relatively sober he can usually beat a young woman at arm wrestling -- and if not on the first try, then at least best two out of three. (Scott Pakin)
  12. "Jennifer Lopez grips Peter Jacksons hand with exitement as she accepts his preposal" (Stephen Morales)

In reality, this is Ed Lima of Human Head and Crystle Lightning (voice of Jen in Prey) engaging in some arm wrestling.  Chris Rhinehart watches from behind.