Contest #28: July 7 to 17, 1997

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The winning entry was submitted by Michael Moen. It was:

Though Jason was certain that an interactive CD-ROM chronicling his 'Customer Service Experience' would be a big hit, in the end it just overtook his basement.

Some of the others (in no particular order):

  1. Mt. Xenophage - If we can't sell 'em at least we can turn our offices into an interesting cardboard landscape. (John Pennick)
  2. I have to find the grey imposter Xenophage cd, its in here somewhere! (Ryan Van Eck)
  3. Man, what do we have to do to get rid of these a picture of them on our web site so gamers will feel sorry and buy them since their going at a very cheap price right now. (Loco Dogg)
  4. Hippie computer geeks: With your host, Jason 'Weed' Reed. (Andy Iafrate)
  5. I told you we bought too many of these. (Frank DeCandia)
  6. Not shown on the camera is George Broussard, pulling out a few of the boxes out from under Jason. (David Mathews)
  7. Jason, please come down. I know you want to be a programmer, but who else are we going to get to deliver the mail? (Philip Partain)

In reality, this is Jason Reed sitting on top of a pile of registered Xenophage boxes.