Contest #241: October 20th to November 9th, 2006

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The winning entry was submitted by Phil Atkins. It was:

In reality, this is Steve Blackburn before his lobotomy. This is Steve after his lobotomy. We can take solace in the fact that his anti-social behavior, and some of his motor skills, are in a better place. Namely sealed in a ziplocked plastic baggie marked biohazard in the local landfill.

Some of the others (in no particular order):

  1. Doc Brown: "Don't tell me. Uh, you want me to buy a subscription to the Saturday Evening Post?" (Matt Davidson)
  2. You wouldn't want to see the whole photo. Anything below this point is 10x worse. (Micki Johannsen)
  3. "Yo Steve, this is for a scientist-type character in Duke Nukem Forever, not Jim Carrey's Riddler character from Batman Forever." (Gautam Menon)
  4. Be careful, Steve! That socket isn't designed for such a dim bulb! (Al Hunt)
  5. Introducing the first successful graduate of the Jeff Foxworthy redneck space program. (Patrick Buhrs)
  6. apparently that is a mullet removing machine on Blackburns head because i can't see his mullet!! (Dennis DeSmeth)

In reality, this is Steve Blackburn hamming it up during the video recording sessions for Duke Nukem Forever.  Steve was being captured for this character from the 2001 trailer.