Contest #227: December 23, 2005 to January 12, 2006

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The winning entry was submitted by Justin Heyes-Jones. It was:

"Band blog: After we played only one song most of the audience had left apart from one guy at the back who turned out to be asleep. At this point we decided to go and sit in the audience's seats, as they were comfortable and warm."

Some of the others (in no particular order):

  1. Oh they rocked. The roaring screams of there fans filled their heads with thoughts of the after party. In reality there wasn't a single hot chick. Just George yelling, "Get back to work!". (Devon Lewis)
  2. Now we see why Duke Nukem Forever's soundtrack will be so badass! Take a bunch of kiddie guitar controllers, a Guitar Hero game set on Easy and two obvious lovers who can't get enough of a duet. (Alexandru Duta)
  3. "Jimi Hendrix's version of 'The Star Spangled Banner' will never be the same..." (Doug Graham)
  4. "Half an hour in and the Black Shirt Kid was beginning to regret provoking a guitar duel with a man who could defend his title while balancing mineral water on one foot." (Oliver Stannus)
  5. "Here we see another attempt to record the new version of Grabbag, to be included in the highly anticipated Duke Nukem Forever. Unfortunatly, these guys never got past 'Mary had a little lamb'" (Nino Van der Mark)
  6. "Here a 3DR staff member decides to stand up in order to try and improve his guitar playing skills. Unfortunately standing up is not remedy for being tone deaf. (Peter Cunningham)

In reality, this a couple of our staffers playing Guitar Hero on a PS2 in our theatre room.