Shadow Warrior

To activate these cheat codes, type "T" during game play, and then enter the code.
Cheat Code What it does
SWGIMME Gives all Inventory Items
SWTREKxx Level Warp where xx is the level number. Example: SWTREK02 goes to level 2.
SWGHOST No Clipping On/Off
SWMAP Full Map On/Off
SWLOC Displays Frame Rate. Use a second time, shows location in level.
SWRES Changes Screen Resolution
SWGREED Turns on God Mode, gives all items & ammo
WINPACHINKO Makes it so that you win at the Pachinko machines every time.
SWSTART Restarts current Level
SWQUIT Quits Game
SWTRIX "Bunny Rocket" Mode
SWNAME During a multi-player game, lets you change your name.
DUMPSOUNDS Development Only - Dumps sound listing to a file.
SOUNDxxx Development Only - Plays Sound number xxx

Walkthrough Available:

There is also a walkthrough available online for this game.  WARNING!! - The walkthrough has complete information about the game, and most of the fun will be spoiled by using the walkthrough.


  • "Customer Cheat" means it's the cheat given out with the registered version of the software.
  • "Debug Mode" means it's an unsupported cheat mode.
  • "Tech Parameter" means it's a code that does something, but really isn't a cheat, it's more or less there to help Apogee Customer Support.
  • "Misc Command Line Parameter" is the same type of thing as Tech Parameter.
Cheat keys are not officially supported by Apogee. If you use the debug keys, Apogee cannot provide any support, since this alters game performance to a state where our standard support comments and issues might not apply. In short, using cheat keys can cause the game to malfunction or crash. Use at your own risk!