Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs


Running demos for Shadow Warrior. Just unzip into your Shadow Warrior v1.2 directory and follow the instructions.

Levels 1 - 4

Levels 5 - 8 *requires full version

Levels 9 - 12 *requires full version

Levels 13 - 16 *requires full version

Levels 17 - 20 *requires full version

Levels 21 - 22 *requires full version

Special thanks to Steffen Itterheim.


Stuck in a level? Can't find out where to go next? This walkthrough of the four level shareware takes one step by step through each level. Screenshots are also added to show the levels better. Select the level you need help on from the list below:

Level 1: Seppuku Station

Level 2: Zilla Construction

Level 3: Master Leep's Temple

Level 4: Dark Woods of the Serpent

Bought the full version? Need some help? Check out our full version walkthroughs. Here you will find extremely detailed level walkthroughs as well as screenshots of key locations. Select the level you need help on from the list below:

Level 5: Rising Son

Level 6: Killing Fields

Level 7: Hara-Kiri Harbor

Level 8: Zilla's Villa

Level 9: Monastery

Level 10: Raider of the Lost Wang *** Leads to secret level ***

Level 11: Sumo Sky Palace

Level 12: Bath House

Level 13: Unfriendly Skies *** Leads to secret level ***

Level 14: Crude Oil

Level 15: Coolie Mines

Level 16: Subpen 7

Level 17: The Great Escape

Level 18: Floating Fortress

Level 19: Water Torture

Level 20: Stone Rain

Level 21: Shanghai Shipwreck - Secret Level

Level 22: Auto Maul - Secret Level