Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Hollywood Holocaust
Episode 1, Level 1

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Hollywood Holocaust starts on top of a rooftop building.   Duke sees his rocket ship going down in flames off the side of the building.    A side note, the ship going down in flames is a direct reference ot the ending of the previous Duke game (Duke Nukem II), where Duke escapes the Rigelatins in his spaceship.   After a brief exploration of the rooftop, Duke gets off the roof by falling down the air vent on the other side of the roof.


Once down in the street, you will see the movie theatre facade, and a lizard trooper will start shooting you from behind.  Once you dispatch the trooper, you can make your way down the street, and around the corner to the back side of the movie theatre.

Go inside the movie theatre, and make your way through the back and down into the lobby.   In the lobby, you will have several choices.   You can check out the foyer, look in a small back office, or even check out the bathroom.   You should make your way through a set of double doors and up into the projector room of the theatre where the red key card lies.   You will need this key card.

After you retrieve the red key, make your way back down the stairs and into the lobby.  At the far end of the lobby you will see an elevator which will lead you to the arcade.   Go up into the arcade, and deal with any lizard troopers that might be in your way.   A side note to the Arcade.  There are some yellow exploding canisters in here.   If you shoot them they will create quite an explosion, but be careful - depending on what your health status is, they can likely kill you, too.

After clearing out the arcade, you can open the locked door with the red key you retrieved from the projector room.  Going into this room will reveal an empty room, but if you get too close to the far wall behind the crate, it will explode, likely killing you - so be careful in this room.  Once the wall explodes, some pig cops behind it will attempt to shoot you.  Dispatch them, and make your way through the new hole in the wall.  

Make your way down a short hallway, and you come to a metallic looking double door.  Opening this door will reveal a walkway bridge and a pig cop or two who will attempt to shoot you.  After dealing with any enemy threat here, the level exit is right behind them.

Hit the exit, and you're on to Level 2, "Red Light District".



Hollywood Holocaust Secrets

Hollywood Holocaust contains eight secrets.   The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here, but at least one of them is predicated by finding an object contained within another secret area.   These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas (like the secret wall on top of the trashcan near the arcade in the lobby) that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Rocket Launcher on ledge

The first secret you encounter is a rocket launcher.  When you first jump down off the rooftop you are attacked by a Lizard trooper who starts out on top of a crate.  If you jump up onto the crate, and then onto the ledge underneath the "Innocent?" sign, you will find the rocket launcher and the first secret area.   Technically the secret is just going up onto the ledge, but realistically, if you're up there, you're getting the rocket launcher.

Secret #2: Rocket Ammo on bench

After you get the rocket launcher from Secret #1, if you jump onto the ledge you used to get up to the rocket launcher, you will be sitting in front of a few windows.  The second and third windows are ones you can jump into.   You will want to go through into the second window.  There is a lizard trooper inside the window who will be shooting at you, too, so be careful.   Once inside, you will see some rocket ammo on a bench.  Pick it up to grab the second secret.

Secret #3: Steroids behind movie poster

After you get Secret #2, you can go to the far end of the room, and you will see the "Biker Bimbos" movie poster.  Behind this poster is a secret area, which contains a bottle of steroids.   Go up to the poster, and hit "use", and it will open up, revealing the secret area.

Secret #4: Hidden raised ledge

Secret #4 is inside the lobby of the movie theatre.  You can get there two ways.  First is the long way by going through the door at the end of the street.  However, if you picked up the rocket launcher from Secret #1, you can blast your way through.   The box office to the movie theatre has a crack in the wall.  If you shoot a rocket through the window there, it will blow open a hole which you can use to take a shortcut to the movie theatre lobby.   Once you get inside the lobby, take out any lizard troopers or pig cops that might be here, it will make your life easier.   This secret has two steps.  First you need to get behind the cash register and "use" it.  You will hear a click which will open up a door around the ceiling.   After that door opens up, you will need to go stand underneath the opening, and "use" the wall.  There is a hidden riser in the floor that will raise you up to the hidden area where you can see some armor.  Go collect the armor to get this secret.

If you happen to have the jetpack from one of the later secrets, you could use it to bypass the hidden riser part, too.

Secret #5: Hidden area behind projector room

There is a hidden area behind the projector room which is the next secret.  It can be gotten to via two different paths.   The more common one is to go up the stairs and into the projector room.  When inside the projector room, you can "use" the wall to the left of the fire extinguisher, and a wall will open up, revealing the secret area.  Go in there to collect the fourth secret.

The other way is to go into the bathroom off the lobby, and wipe out all of the lizard troopers in here (including the one on the toilet, which is one of the funnier gags still to this day).   After that, you can kick out the grate above the toilet areas  Go into the grate, and follow the vents up into the same secret area.  You will see a pod girl in the room as well as some lizard troopers.  You can get out of this room by opening up one of the walls by "using" it.  This is the backside of the wall mentioned in the first way to get to this room.  It will leave you in the projector room which is where the next secret is.

Secret #6: Hidden area in projector room

If you go back into the projector room, and jump on top of the projector, there's an Atomic health up there.  While you're up there, you will open up a door immediately to the side of the projector.   There's a lizard trooper or two in there, plus a rocket launcher.  Go in there and collect the rocket launcher to get this secret.

Secret #7: Behind the movie theatre screen

Back in the projection room, if you stand next to the window, and look out into the theatre, you see the curtain is closed.  If you flip the switch right next to the window, it will darken the room, and open the curtains revealing the movie.   If you look carefully at the movie screen, you will see a crack in the screen.  If you shoot that with a rocket launcher, a hole will open in the screen, allowing you to jump through.   Once you go behind the movie screen, you will be credited with this secret.  When you get back here, you will have to kill some troopers.  Once you do that, grab the jetpack that is on the shelf here, you will need it to get the eighth secret.

Secret #8: Duke's Apartment

Once you get the jetpack from the last secret, you can use it to fly around.   You will need to kick out the window and fly out into the main street.   Once out there, you will need to fly into one of the windows where Duke's apartment is.  Once in there, you will be granted the final secret.

There actually is a way in there which doesn't involve the jetpack, but it's enormously difficult.  It involves jumping on top of the tree you see from the ledge, and then into the room, but it's so hard it's really not a recommended way of doing things - use the jetpack.

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