Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Red Light District
Episode 1, Level 2

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Red Light District starts off with Duke in an elevator that is descending.  When it gets to the bottom, Duke is presented with a lizard trooper that he must get rid of.  Coming out of the elevator shows Duke at the end of another street.  You can either choose to go down the street, or go into a rotating door into the building immediately to your left.  You will want to go through the rotating door.

When you go through the rotating door, there is a pig cop waiting to shoot your face off, so be careful how you open the door, especially if you are low on health.  While we're at it, immediately around the corner is another pig cop who will shoot your face off, so don't stray too far or you'll get shot by him too.  Anyway, once you go inside the door, you'll want to take out the lizard troopers in the room.   Go behind the cash register area, and you will see the first of Duke Nukem 3D's many switch puzzles.  You will need to press the first and third buttons to unlock the door to your right.

Opening the door will reveal a rather darkened hallway in which you must go down to get to an elevator.  On the way you'll be shot at by a few lizard troopers, so be careful of your step.  Once you make it to the elevator, go up, and take out the lizard troopers in the room above.   In the room, you will see a small red door on one of the walls.  Behind this door is the blue key card.  You will need this, so take it.

Going around the back of the wall, you will see several lizard troopers both in the room, and across the street.  Take 'em out.  The switch here merely throws up a sign across the street that says "Duke Nukem must Die!", but serves no other purpose.   Jump out the window, and make your way down towards the end of the street where you will see a sign for a bar.  You don't want to go in that door yet - not that you can, anyway, it's locked.

You'll see a sign that says "3D Realms Demolition Company".  Go around the back of that, and take out the pig cop, and you are presented with another puzzle.  Use the blue key here, and it will bring up four switches.  To pass this puzzle, you need to press the second and third ones.  Doing that will then bring up a switch which you can flip.   Flip it, and the building in front of you will be demolished.  

Once the building is completely down, you can enter the ruins.  Don't do it too soon, or the explosions will likely kill you.   In the rubble of the building, you will find the yellow key.

Grab the yellow key, exit the building rubble, and use it to unlock the yellow door.  After taking care of some pig cops on the other side, you can make your way through into the bar.  You will have to deal with some lizard troopers and pig cops hanging out by the pool table, and in the bathroom.  Once you've done that, head into the bar itself.

Once you've dispatched all the enemies in the bar, and tipped the stripper a few times, you can get the red key.  It is behind the bar.  You need to crouch down and open a double door to reveal the red key.   When you go to get the red key, don't dawdle.  Going behind the bar will spawn three pig cops who will come around the corner and try and get you.  If you are low on health, this can be a big sticky point.

After you have gotten the red key, you need to exit the bar area, and head towards the stripper area.  It is locked with the red key.  On the way (depending on your difficulty level), there will be a pig cop on the ramp to the door.   When you get to the area to use the red key, some pig cops will spawn in behind you (as many as three), so don't get shot in the back.

After opening up the red door, you will get rather a lot of lizard troopers and pig cops in the room.  Make sure and clean out the room, as the move to progress out of here is a lot easier if you don't have guys trying to shoot you in the back as you are making your exit from this room.   When cleaning up the room from alien scum, be careful not to shoot the stripper in the middle of the room.  That doesn't exactly prevent you from getting anywhere, but killing strippers causes more enemies to spawn.   For no good reason, and mostly because I am taking screenshots, here's one of the most taken screenshots in the game history:

After you're done playing with the strippers, you can progress through the level.  In the corner of the room there is an air vent.  If it hasn't been blasted open during your firefights, do so.   You will need to jump on the table below the vent, and then up into the vent. 

When you go through the vent, you will get some health and a set of pipebombs.  The pipebombs will be useful because at the other end of the vent on the floor are more pig cops.  You'll need to take them out.  Be careful, as it's a rather confined space, and there's just about nowhere to hide from the pig cops.  Also, while you are battling them, one will appear on a ledge above your head.  Beware of that.   Once you've taken care of all the pig cops, there's an Open | Closed switch at the end of the back side of the curtain.  Flip it, and the curtain will open, revealing the stripper room again.  More pig cops and lizard troopers will be here, so you will have a battle on your hands again.  Take 'em out!

After you've taken out all the enemies, you need to hop onto the ledge where the primary "blue" stripper is.  You can then see the other pillar.  You need to jump from the stripper circle onto the circular pillar, and then up onto the ledge.

After you've gone onto the ledge, the path to the end of the level is pretty straightforward.   You just follow the hallway around, shoot any pig cops in your way, and you will come around a corner, and see what looks like the end level switch.  However, this level ends quite differently than the majority.  You are captured by the pig cops when bars go up on either side of you, and the pig cops taunt you with your capture.  That is the end of the level.

After listening to the pig cops for awhile, you are automatically taken onto Level 3, "Death Row".



Red Light District Secrets

Red Light District contains eight secrets.   The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  This list of secrets will only show the "true" secrets in the level, not "Easter Eggs" as such (like the 867-5309 joke in Episode 1) - there's too many of those to list.

Secret #1: Holoduke behind cash register area

The first secret you encounter is behind the cash register area in the building at the start of the level.  If you behind the cash register, and jump up on the bookshelves, you'll get an Atomic health.  If you then go to the corner and "use" the wall, it will open up a secret area.  Go grab the Holoduke to get this secret.

Secret #2: Weapons behind secret bookshelf

The next secret is behind one of the bookshelves in the store.  If you go "use" the bookshelf that is in front of the red "Play magazine" on the floor, it will open up, revealing some pipe bombs & some armor.  Go collect these items for the secret.

Secret #3: Hidden area

The third secret is a little harder to find.  When you take the elevator up to the second floor of the first building to get the blue key, there is an area you need to visit before going up the elevator.  The area is quite dark, so it is hard to see.  There is a passage to the right of the elevator that if you follow it will lead to a hidden room at the end of a rather darkened maze.   The night vision goggles don't help in here as much as you might think, because there's no objects to illuminate.  Anyway, make it through the dark passages, and you will come to a lit room with a pig cop.  Entering the lit area will give you the secret.

Secret #4: Underground Sewers

The fourth secret can be gotten to two ways.  The first way is from the demolished building.  When you pick up the yellow key, if you turn around, you will see a manhole cover.  This cover can be blown off with either a rocket or a pipebomb.   Doing that will allow you to drop into the sewers. 

Following the sewers will show you a ramp that leads up to a lit area where there are some objects (jetpack, steroids, etc).  Go up to this area to collect the secret.   There is also an Octabrain in the sewers, too (depending on your difficulty level).

The other way to this secret is through the bathroom in the bar area.   If you blow up the toilet in the bathroom and then "use" the wall behind the toilet, the wall will open revealing a much shorter path to the goodies.  One note about this wall.  It only opens from the toilet side of the wall.  You cannot open this wall from inside the sewers area.

Secret #5: The Back Side of a Stripper

The fifth secret area is inside the stripper room, and involves a double move.  In the far corner of the stripper room is a sofa.  If you "sit" on the sofa, a secret room will open up behind the stripper area where there are strippers dressed in red and brown.  You will need to jump up behind these strippers and collect the ripper weapon and some ammo to go with it.   After getting on the couch, don't dawdle, or the door will close, and you will have to re-open it again.

Secret #6: The Vent

This secret is probably the easiest one in the game, because you don't have to do anything special to get it.  It is part of the normal level progression.  Once you clear the stripper room, and go through the vent into the next part of the level, you get a secret for going in the vent.  Not much to say about this one, as it's a piece of cake to get.

Secret #7: Night Vision Goggles

When you make the double jump to head to the final passageway in the game, don't just take the hallway.  When you get up on the ledge, you will see (if you're looking carefully) a pair of night vision goggles off to your left.  Jump over here to get the goggles to get the seventh secret.  Steroids or the jetpack make this easier, but they're not necessary.

Secret #8: Medkit

The final secret is right before the end of the level where you get trapped by the pig cops.  Before you turn that corner, you will see a section of wall that is more lit than the rest of the walls.  Go and "use" this wall, it will reveal a medkit.  Go get the medkit for the final secret on this level.

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