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Launch Facility
Episode 1, Level 5 (Secret Level)

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Launch Facility is a level that is relatively small, but isn't one that you get to in the "normal path" of the game.  It's a secret level.  You can only get here from a secret exit on the Toxic Dump level.   You start in the area shown above, and the way out of the room is to the right.  However, you don't want to go there first.  You want to go behind the spinning wheel in middle of the room. 

Flip the switch down here near the floor, and it will drop a forcefield that is blocking your path out of this room.   Go up and past that doorway.  Following the hallway will reveal a room with an acid pool in the middle.  Go around the pool into the room beyond it.

This is a small, but rather tall room with a lot of bridges and the like.   Your path here is to go up, so find the ramp on the floor, and start making your way upwards.  There are some turrets (and troopers) on the way to shoot at you, so keep that in mind.   Once you get to the top, you will be presented with another switch puzzle (and a ripper gun, grab it). 

The correct combination here is to leave only the second from the left button "unpressed".  Basically you need to flip the first, third, and fourth switches.  This will open the red door to your left, and allow you access to the control room.   Once inside, you can collect the blue key.  You also have to flip the "01" switch, and then make your way back down to the bottom of the room. 

The "01" switch will turn off a forcefield at the bottom of the room, which will allow you to go into the next part of the level.   Go through this door, and you will see a rather steep incline in front of you.  When you get to the top, you will be looking out into another room where several aliens are waiting to shoot you.  There are two small areas to the left and right of this spot that you can use for cover.   The left hiding area has some pipebombs.  These can be useful in the room in front of you, as there are several lizard troopers waiting on the floor for you to drop in before they will start shooting at you.  Send a couple of pipebombs down into the room before you jump in to help out.  There is also a switch here that will turn the lights on in this room - it is helpful if you do this so you can see what you're doing (it was necessary to do this to get screen grabs in here for this walkthrough).

Drop into this room, and fight off any aliens in here.  When you've done that, make your way up the ramp on the outer wall of the room to progress to the next area.  Once you get to the control room up here, you will see an area where you can use the blue key.  This will unlock a forcefield elsewhere in the level that allows you to get to the next section.  You can also see out into a large courtyard from here as well.

You will need to make your way back through the room with the ramp around the wall that you just came through, and exit out a door on the floor.  Previously this door was blocked, but you can now make your way through.  When you do, you can either go straight or go to the right.  Going to the right serves no purpose here - there is a forcefield you can turn off, but that is really a deathmatch path, in single player there's not much purpose in going that way.   Go straight through the door and you will be in a rather large room with really huge double doors on one end.   Off to the side in this room is a control panel room.  Go up there, and you can get the red key. 

Also in this room is a big switch.  Press the switch, and the large doors at the end of the hallway will open, revealing the outer courtyard.   Once ou there, you will want to make your way to the left side of the large rocket.   There is an elevator there, you will need to get on it, and take the elevator all the way to the top of the tower.

Once you get to the top of the tower, you will need to go through a teleport after picking up a jetpack.  This will leave you in the capsule of the rocket.  Inside the capsule is the place where you need to use the red key.  There are a couple of podgirls inside the capsule.  

After you use the red key, you will need to go back through the teleport, and back down the floor of the courtyard below.  You can either go down the fastway (no, that's no ROTT joke - really) or you can take the elevator back down.  Jumping to the ground will be about a 31% health hit, so keep that in mind if you jump.  You can also use the jetpack cheat.  Jump off, and right before you hit the ground, turn on the jetpack, then turn it right back off.  :)

Anyway, once back on the ground, you need to go into a small control room that is in the ground over in the far corner.   There are two pig cops in here which can be taken out easily with a pipebomb or two.   Once inside there,  you need to flip the switch.  This will cause a huge explosion around the rocket, and cause it to fall into the ground.

After the explosion is over, you have two choices.  You can either jump into the hole where the rocket was, or take another elevator down.   Jumping into the hole is another 30% health hit or so (depending on the exact spot you land), but it s a lot faster.   Once down here, follow the hallway into a room.  If you look out the window, you can see a river of slime similar to the one you used to get to this level from the Abyss.  First, take the boots, they will be helpful when you get out into the slime.

Flip the switch, and a door will open up on the far side of the room.  Go in there, blast SEVERAL lizard troopers behind it, an Octabrain, then jump in the river of slime.  It is a short ride to the end of the level from this point.

After this level finishes, you are taken to the last level in Episode 1, that being "The Abyss".  That's the level you would have gone to after Toxic Dump, had you not used the secret exit to get here.



Launch Facility Secrets

Launch Facility contains only four secrets - but it is a small level to begin with anyway.  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here.  The secrets below are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  This list of secrets will only show the "true" secrets in the level, not "Easter Eggs" as such (like the 867-5309 joke in Episode 1) - there's too many of those to list.

Secret #1: Swimming in the Slime

In the tower where you get the blue key and flip the "01" switch, you would normally go through the forcefield you just opened.  However, if you go backwards to the room with the slime pool in it, you can get the first secret.  Jump into the slime pool, and at the bottom, you can swim through an open door on the floor.  If you happened to go in here when you first encountered the pool, this door would have been closed.   If you swim through the slime, you will come to a place where you can surface.  Doing that will reveal a circular room with a couple of Atomic healths.  Go pick up the healths to collect the first secret.

Secret #2: Secret Armor

When you make your way to the control room where you get the red key, you can pick up the second secret.  The second panel to the right of the computer screens is a secret door.  There are no markings, you just need to "use" it.  The door will open, and you can go into the small room to retrieve some armor, and the second secret.

Secret #3: Getting High (Up)

The third secret requires the use of a jetpack.  If you do not have one with you from the previous level, you will need to wait until you get the one in this level.  The jetpack is up at the top of the large tower next to the rocket.  Once you get that, you can backtrack back to the room next to the blue key room.  At the top of the ramp there is a fan in the ceiling.

Shoot out the fan, then turn on your jetpack and fly up there.  You will see high up in the vents a ledge with some pipebombs.  Grab 'em for the third secret of this level.

Secret #4: Hidden Health

The fourth secret is near the end of the level, in the control room right before the river of slime.  The computer banks are a secret.  Jump up there, and open the computer panels.  Three Atomic healths will be revealed.  Go in there and grab them for the final secret of this secret level.

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