Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Toxic Dump
Episode 1, Level 4

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Toxic Dump starts off inside the same submarine you ended the last level in.  Except now that it has been attacked and is sinking - the water is rising in the cabin you are in.  You can't actually drown; the cabin will fill up, but you can float where there's air.   When you're done pretending to be an apple, you can submerge, which is the only way out.   You will see a puzzle on the wall with switches.    You will need to flip the top and bottom switch to unlock a door in the sub.  You will hear a click - and if you turn around, you will see a door opening with the way out.

You can drown down here, so you don't want to dawdle a lot.  If you're underwater too long, you will start losing health, and you will need to come up for air at some point.  To help counteract this, when you exit the sub, instead of going straight to the surface, go down to the floor.  Behind some seaweed is a set of scuba gear which will help you breathe underwater.  This is good, as a decent percentage of this level is underwater.

When you get to the surface, you will be shot at by a couple of turrets on the building next to the water.   You'll want to take them out (it is helpful if you've brought a rocket launcher from the previous level), otherwise you'll be shot at the whole time you are out here until you get inside the building.  The building is not where you want to go yet - as there is a locked door there.  You'll want to turn around, and go up into a hole in the wall near the water.  Follow that path, until you come out on top and you can see out on top of the boat.  From here you can grab the blue key which you will need to get inside the building.

A word of warning about the blue key.  Once you take it, don't sit there admiring the view, as two turrets will appear on either side of the position you are standing in and will start shooting at you.  While you are up here, you should definitely get the rocket launcher - it will be helpful shortly.   After getting the blue key, you will jump down off the ledge and head to the locked blue door on the building in front of you.  As you come near the building, some lizard troopers will be revealed in an opening window.  You can shoot them if you wish, but you will need your rocket launcher, so don't waste too much ammo on them.

Once you get inside the blue door, you will see a few lizard troopers.  Take 'em out.  Behind them is a door behind two laser trip mines.  Don't go there, that door is locked anyway.  Take the red door that says hard hat area.  If you go in here, it will reveal a large room with a conveyor belt system and an operational crane.   The first thing you should do is to take out a laser trip mine.  If you look around in the room, you will see one on the ceiling here:

This trip mine is one of the cheapest shots in the game - you have to pass straight through it later on in the level, and most of the time you do not have the health to survive it.  Take it out with a rocket launcher - make sure it really is gone, because sometimes your shot can miss, and the trip mine will remain.   Once you've taken out the cheap trip mine, you'll want to take out any pig cops you run into.  It's not necessary, but when you start getting on the conveyor system, they will start shooting at you; it will make things easier to do the conveyor with no pig cops around.  Once you've done that, you're going to want to stand on the floor in a specific spot so the crane can pick you up.  Specifically you want to stand on the black and yellow striped end of the conveyor belt.  It does not matter which way you face.  Additionally, you probably do not want to let one of the canisters get to this spot.   The reason is that if you blow one of them up to make a spot for you to stand, they will leave a pile of goo where you blew it up, and that will start hurting you when you stand in it.

After the crane picks you up, it will drop you off in a ledge halfway up the wall.  There is another small conveyor on here where you basically need to repeat the same procedure.  After being picked up by this second crane, you will get taken through the area where the cheap shot trip mine was earlier.  If you did not take it out, it is likely to take you out.  When you are dropped off, you are dropped onto a moving conveyor again.  You will not want to follow this, you will want to turn around and take out a glass window.

Inside the glass window is a pig cop you will need to take out, but more importantly behind a small red slot in the wall is the red key.  Take it.

When you get the red key, you can follow the conveyor belt up, but there's nothing you really need up there (just some ammo and health).  You can head out left and back down into the large conveyor room.  If you haven't already made it over to the room where the red key is used, you will trigger some pig cops behind you when you go there.  Take them out before using the red key, as it will make a future part of the level somewhat easier.   When you use the red key, the key slot will drop, and you will get shot with a shrink ray.  

You will want to allow this to happen.   The reason is you get shrunk, and you have to make your way through small passages on the floor into another room.  There is a small maze in the floor passages however.   One rule about the shrunk passages.  DON'T SIT AROUND TOO LONG.  When you expand again, if you're still in the shrunk areas, you will die immediately.   Anyway, when you are first shrunk you will want to take the right hand opening.  Once in there, there's only one choice of turns to take (it is a simple maze), but MAKE A RIGHT, and follow the path until you come out in an open room.  Do not take a left at the choice, that's the wrong way.

When you come out into the room, you will see a lizard trooper on the far end, and you will still be shunk.   Don't go over to the side of the room where the trooper is, you will get stepped on and killed.   Stay on the far side of the room, the trooper will not come over.  When you expand again, you will need to shoot the trooper.  From that point, there is a switch on the wall that says "Emergency Lock".  Flip that.   You will then need to go stand in front of the other shrinker ray in this room to get back out.  

When you head back into the small passageways, you will be presented with a choice to go straight or to go left.  Do not go straight, take a left, and come out back into the room where the red key was used.  If you do go straight, there will not be enough time to get out, and you will get killed when you expand.   Once you get back out, you may have some pig cops to deal with if you did not dispose of them earlier.   You will notice that a previously closed door is now open.  Take it - you will get led into one of the underwater areas of the level.

Once underwater, you will come into a submerged room with a broken out window.  You will need to exit the room (still underwater) to progress.  When you do so, you will want to keep an eye out for several mines scattered in this area.   They're not always easy to see, so keep an eye out.   It is also easy to get confused under here, so you will want to stick to the path.   When you exit the first room, stay right, you will pass a closed door, and then come to a similar looking room to the one you are currently in (as shown in the picture above).

When you get to this room, you will have to battle an Octabrain or two.   Do that, and when you're finished, push the button shown here.   This will raise the water level in front of you, and allow you to progress into another area in the level.   After pushing the button, exit the room, and surface in the water.   When you surface, there will be several aliens you will need to get rid of, as they're in your path.   Once you've done that, you will need to climb up a rock face, and jump over to the other side (see shot below).

Once you've made the jump, there are a few more lizard troopers (and maybe an Octabrain) guarding the area where you need to go, so take them down.   Once you've done that, you will make your way into a small room with a couple of switches.  

You will want to flip the switch with an "02" on top of it.  Do not flip the switch on the red pillar, it will lower the water level again.   It won't really hurt you in single player, but if you are playing in Co-Op, it could prevent your buddies from progressing if they are not far enough along.  Probably best to leave it alone.  The "02" switch will open a previously closed door at the bottom of the underwater area that was closed when you first went past it.   Going in this door will reveal another similar control room guarded by a couple of Octrabrains.  

Once you make it into the control room, you will see another switch.  Pressing that switch will open the closed double doors in this room revealing the way out - and oh yeah.  More Octabrains for you to shoot.   Behind the doors is a rotating set of gears.  You can try going through the gears at any time, but you'll get squished if you do not wait for the right moment.   The safe part of the gears is marked by a blue color.  You can get through the gears that way.

After making it through the gears, you will come into an area where you can surface from the underwater area.   In this room, you will see a path where the water goes.  Follow it.   This path empties into a very large room.   This room has Octabrains all over the place, so keep an eye out whenever you are doing anything in here.

Once in this area, you will need to make your way to the control room.  This is a small room with a red light - it can be seen when you first drop into the large room.  Inside this room is a switch you will need to flip.  Flipping this switch opens a door in one of the upper walls of the level.

After flipping the switch you will have to perform one of the trickier moves of this level.  You will see two large ramps of water running into the large pool of water at the bottom.  There is one that you can go up and get on a ledge on the right.  You will want to go up that ramp, and get on the ledge.  You will see a couple of black pillars and a red button off to your right.  

You will need to get onto the first black pillar in front of you, then turn and flip the switch (with a bullet weapon, preferably the pistol).  This will start the two pillars moving towards each other.  They will meet in the middle of the room for a fraction of a second, at which point you need to move onto the other one.  When they return to their sides of the room, you will be delivered to the other side.   It's quite easy to fall off on the pillar exchange.  If you do, just get back up there and try again.  If you have trouble doing this, and eventually run out of ammo, you're kind of stuck, unfortunately. Once to the other side, you will have an Octrabrain or two to take care of in very close quarters.  You will see a small room with a river of sludge leading away. 

You will need to get in the river of sludge to progress.  There are walkways along the side if you are low on health.  Follow the river of  sludge - it goes on for quite awhile.  About halfway down there's a room off to the right with some RPG ammo as well as protective boots if you're having issues with the slime.  There's a ton of Octrabrains along this path, you can either shoot 'em or run past them.  Your choice.  Keep on following the slime until you reach the end of the level.

NOTE:  The way to the secret Level in Episode 1 is in the river of slime.  If you want to see the way to the secret level, check further down on this page in the secrets section.

After this level finishes, you're on to Level 5, "The Abyss", which is a boss level, and the final level for Episode 1.



Toxic Dump Secrets

Toxic Dump contains a whopping FOURTEEN secrets!  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here, except that the level is quite large, and backtracking can get annoying.  The secrets below are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  This list of secrets will only show the "true" secrets in the level, not "Easter Eggs" as such (like the 867-5309 joke in Episode 1) - there's too many of those to list.

Secret #1: Secret area underwater

The first secret you encounter is right at the start after you exit the submarine.   Instead of surfacing, if you go into an open cave area to your right, you will find an area with a crack in the wall (there's also a medkit back here).   If you shoot the crack with a rocket, or hit it with a pipebomb, a new area will open up.

Follow this area, and you eventually come to a place where you can surface in the water.  Pick up the pipebombs on the ground before you surface however.   When you do surface, you will see a captured pod girl, as well as some barrels.  Blow up the barrels with a pipebomb, and another secret area will open up. 

Once you do this, you can go through the area where the barrels were.   At this point you will get the credit for the secret area, as well as opening up a shortcut back to the start of the level.

Secret #2: RPG Ammo behind turrets

When you grab the blue key, you are unloaded upon by two turrets that appear in the rocks.  If you take out the turrets, you can jump to get some secret stuff.   The one on the right is the one with the true "secret".   Once you jump over there, you can "use" the back wall of the little alcove.  A door will open up, revealing some RPG ammo.  Go in there and collect it for the second secret of the level.

Additionally, there's another "sort of secret" on the other alcove.  You won't get credited for a secret for this one, but if you jump to the other side's alcove, and "use" the back wall, a room will open up, and you will see this secret message left by Allen Blum:

Secret #3: Fire on the Sub

Once you are done with alcoves from Secret #2, you need to make your way back up to where the blue key was to get to the next secret.  You need to jump on top of the submarine, and step into the fire area that is there.  This will open up a door back inside the submarine.   You do not need to actually go inside the sub to collect the secret here, just stepping into the fire is enough.   If you do go back into the sub, though, you can collect a few items in a room that was previously not open at the top of the sub.

Secret #4: Ripper in room with troopers

The fourth secret is right inside the locked blue key door.  If you go to the wall panel where the crosshair is pointed in the picture below, and "use" it, a door will open up.   Going into that small room will credit you for the fourth secret, and you can stop and leave if you wish.

However, if you keep going, you will find a second "usable" wall in here.  It is the wall texture to the right that doesn't match the others.  "Use" that wall, and you will be in the room where the three lizard troopers were shooting at you from inside the building from earlier in the level.  There is a ripper chaingun in here to collect.

Secret #5: Ripper Ammo behind slime

Once you get the red key, you need to come out of that room and follow the conveyor belt to the right.  As you start going up the conveyor, you will see a pool of slime to your right.  If you go to the end of the slime, and "use" the wall, a door will open up revealing some ripper ammo.  Go in there and collect the ammo as well as the fifth secret.

Secret #6: Hidden health in tube

After Secret #5, you can continue up the ramp.  At the top is a room with a lizard trooper behind some glass.  Once you deal with the trooper (and some others who will come up the conveyor), you can find the secret.  In this room you will see two tubes as well as a blue control box.  If you "use" the control box, the tubes will open up.  The right hand tube has an atomic health.  The left tube appears to have nothing in it, but if you go in there and jump up, you will see a small area with two Atomic healths.  Go up there and grab the healths, and get the sixth secret.

Secret #7: RPG Ammo & Shotgun

After you raise the water level, you will come to a couple of rocks that jut out.  You normally jump over them to get to the back, but before you do that, you need to jump into a darkened ledge from the right hand one.   When you jump in there, however, it helps to have night vision, as it's a fairly dark area.  You will first see some RPG ammo.  From there you will see a small ledge with a shotgun.  Go get the shotgun to get credited with the seventh secret.   This area is mostly dark, so depending on how dark your monitor/TV is, you may have a hard time looking around in here without night vision (or even with it).

Secret #8: Hidden Scuba Gear

When you get to the two switches where one is labeled "02", there is a hidden wall in-between the red pillar and the security monitor.   If you "use" the wall here, it will open up revealing a secret room.  Go in there and collect the scuba gear for the eighth secret of the level.

Secrets #9, #10, & #11: Cracked Walls

One the walls outside the area where secret #8 was you will see a crack in the wall.  Shooting it will open up a room behind the wall where you can go in and collect Secret #9. 

After you go through into the new room, you will see another crack - where you need to repeat the same procedure on that crack, opening up yet another room, where you will see an Atomic health.  Going to pick up the health will give you secret #10.  

This room has yet another crack in the wall.  Blowing this one up will open up another wall, which will lead you all the way back to the start of the level.  This is a rather useful shortcut when playing Dukematch in this level, BTW.  Go through the new opening back to the start of the level to collect the eleventh secret.   You will want to go back to where you were before getting secret #9, however - being at the start of the level is not where you want to be at this point.

Secret #12: Hidden control room

When you are going down a waterfall towards the big room, you will pass a crack in the wall about halfway down.   Blow this up with a pipebomb or a rocket, and it will open up a hidden control room.  Inside this room is a teleport.  Going through the teleport will give you the 12th secret, and put you in another control room where you can collect some RPG ammo and blow up some lizard troopers.   After you do this, you need to go into the water, and follow it into the room you were headed to before you got this secret.

Secret #13: Hidden Scuba Gear

When you complete the room with the two pillars, you will end up in a small control room at the start of the long river of slime that leads to the end of the level.  Before you head down the river of slime, you need to check out the area.  You will see a rotating fan up around the ceiling in this level.  If you shoot out the fan, you can then get up there via the small ledge right underneath it.  Jumping up in the fan area will reveal an Atomic health.  Collect it for the thirteenth secret.

Secret #14: The Secret Level Entrance

The final secret in this level is also the way you use to get to the secret level in Episode 1.  Once you've gotten into the river of slime, you will notice it tends to go on for awhile.  As you get near the end, some sections are rather well lit.    There is one on the left side with a crack.  Hit that crack with a pipe bomb or a rocket launcher, and it will open up a room you need to go into.  Once you go into the room, you are credited with the final secret.  From here, you can go back out and finish the level as normal, or...

In the back of this room, you will see a nuke symbol that looks kind of like the ones you normally hit to finish a level, except this one is a different color.  Hit this switch to take yourself to the secret level in Episode 1, "Launch Facility".

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