Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Episode 3, Level 10 (Secret Level)

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Freeway starts off with you falling - and you fall into the water.  If you did not bring scuba gear into this level, you will have to surface from time to time when you are in the water.  There is an Octabrain directly in front of you when you start the level, take him out.  If you turn around backwards from where you were dropped in the water, there is a crack on the wall.  It is not a secret, but blowing up the crack will reveal some weapons, ammo, and an Atomic health.

Make your way down the water, and you will eventually come to the end.  When you do, there is an RPG on the ground to claim.  If you are out of RPG ammo, you will need that to get out.  Surface from the water, and you will spot a crack on the wall (shown here next to the crosshair).  Blow it up, and it will allow you access to the street.

When you do make your way out onto the street, it will be in a rather dark area.  Some pig cops will shoot you from the other side of the street, take 'em out.  Once you're done with that, take a left and head up the left side of the street.   There is some ammo and health up here to get, but the way to progress is on the other side of the street.   As you are making your way back, if you have night vision goggles, turn them on - there is a Devastator on the sidewalk here on the underpass.

After you get to the other side of the street, there will be some heavy initial combat.  Take these guys out, and collect all the ammo and weapons you can (check the trash cans).   You will see a path which leads out of here.  It looks like this.  You will want to take it (after dealing with the various pig cops that show up).

After you make your way through the path (watch out for the fire), you will come out on the main part of the street.  There is a Battlelord at the far end of the street to deal with, not to mention several Enforcers that will come after you.

Once you take care of this combat, you will need to make your way to the end of the Freeway that has the large sloped wall at the end of it.  Make your way up there, and you will find a hole near the top you can fall into.   You will end up in an oddly angled room that is lit red.

When you drop in here, you will encounter an Enforcer guarding a jetpack.  Take him out and get the jetpack.   Once you do, fly up and out of here via the same hole you dropped in with.  Once up, you will see an office room window that looks like the screenshot below.  Fly in there.  You can also jump in here from the top most part of the slanted wall.

Once inside the office room, turn off your jetpack, and take out the resistance.  You can then begin to explore in here.  You will find the blue key card in a corner under a collapsed ceiling.

Once you get the blue key, there's two ways you can go to use it.  If you are out of jetpack power, you can jump down to the street, and head to where the blue key door is on the building on the other side of the street.  However, if you do have some jetpack power left, you can just fly across the street into the windows on the other side, that look like this:

Whichever way you go, you will end up in the same place, at the end of some conveyors.  These conveyors will dump you back out in the street if you don't pay attention, so don't dawdle.  It can be easier to fly across, as while you were getting the blue key, two more Battlelords will have spawned in the street, and it's easier to avoid them then to try and take them down.

If you go in to get the RPG you can see above, you will get another famous Dukeism, it is our reference to the original Terminator movie where Arnold gets squashed in a press.  This is cool in Dukematch, as you can trap your buddies in there, and then go around the side to a window and watch them get smushed.  :)   In the back of the room is a closed control room door.  You can open it with the switch in the far corner of the wall.  Doing so will reveal several Enforcers as well as the red key.  Take the red key and head back to the street.

If you didn't notice it before, you will now.  Two Battlelords are in the street again, and you can either fight them, or ignore them and run, but if you ignore them, you had better do the next part fast, or they will corner you, and you will probably be screwed.   Go to the other end of the alley and you will find a police car on its side with a 54 on top.  This is our homage to the old TV show, "Car 54, Where Are YoU?"   When you get close to the car, it some explosions will get set off, so don't get too close.  Once they subside, take down the pig cops that are behind here.

After clearing out the pig cops, you will find the locked red key door.  Open it and head in.   There is a pig cop to take care of, and at the end of the hallway is a fire extinguisher. 

Blow it up, and it will reveal two Octabrains you have to get past, because the exit to the level is behind them.

Hit it and be taken to Level 11, "Stadium", which is the final level of this episode.



Freeway Secrets

Freeway has five secrets.  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here, although the first one can be gotten into two different ways.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Hidden Bathroom!

When you come out of the initial water area, and take a left, you will come to the end of the road.  You will see a crack up on the wall as shown below. 

If you blow it up, it will allow you to jump up here.  Go all the way down to the far window in this screenshot.  It is a secret.  Going in there will reveal a bathroom, and give you the first secret of this level.   The switch in here merely turns on the lights.

Secret #2: Hidden Apartment

When you are at the main street, there is a locked blue key door.   On the opposite side of that area is a secret window.

Open it and jump inside.  This is an apartment with a shrinker you can use.  Going in here will give you the second secret.  There is a stairwell in this apartment.  At the top of the stairwell is a crack on a door.  Blow it up, and it leads into the bathroom from Secret #1.  If you did not get Secret #1 before coming in here, you will then get Secret #1 by going in this "back door".   This doesn't give you any additional secrets, but is a great path to use for Dukematch play.

Secret #3: Devastating Candy

In the area where you find the blue key, you will see a vending machine and a soda machine.  The wall on the opposite side of the room contains a bookshelf.  Open the bookshelf to reveal a secret compartment that has two Devastator ammo packs.  Go in there and get 'em for the third secret.

Secret #4: Cracked Door

Directly behind the blue key is a door that is mostly obscured by a collapsed ceiling.  This door has a crack on it, and if you blow it up with a pipebomb or something, it will reveal a new room with some pod eggs and a ripper chaingun.  Go into this room to collect the fourth secret.

Secret #5: Nearly Terminated

Directly behind the the RPG and the Terminator gag is a wall with two yellow and black striped panels.  You can jump through either of these panels, and it will lead you to a secret room.  Going in here will give you the fifth secret for Freeway.

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