Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Hotel Hell
Episode 3, Level 9

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Hotel Hell is a fairly complex level with lots of bits that interconnect, so you will be spending a lot of time here.  You start off inside some rocks at the back end of an alley out back of the hotel.  Make your way out of the starting spot, and head over to the door area.  You will find a locked blue key door, and a few pig cops and troopers.  Take them out.  The dumpster you see to your right in the shot below has a pig cop inside it too, so if you have any, a pipebomb thrown in there will do quite nicely.  As you progress in the area, additional pig cops will spawn, so you will have several to deal with initially.

Once you've taken care of all that, you need to jump up on top of the dumpster (pick up a medkit in here if you need it), and then jump up onto the ledge where the air conditioning unit is (1).  From there, you need to then jump on the air conditioning unit (2), and then to the upper level of this area (3).

This uppermost area contains the blue key.  Go grab it, and make your way back down to the ground and unlock the blue key door here. 

Once through the door, make your way down a hallway.  When you get to the first turn a large will will explode, which can cause you damage if you get too close, so be careful.  There is a bathroom to the right where the explosions were.  In there is some health and ammo, so make use of it if you need it.  Also, the large room to your left is initially dark.  There is a light switch here that will illuminate the room; again it is probably useful to turn the lights on, so you can see enemies further away.

Going into the large room will reveal two locked yellow doors you cannot get through quite yet, and an exit door to another back alley.  That is somewhere else you do not want to be yet.   You want to make your way to the back area, where there is a wooden looking office, and unfortunately, a Battlelord.  You'll need to take him down.  You can ignore him, and run past, but you have to make your way back through here again later, so it might be easier overall to dispatch this Battlelord.

After taking out the Battlelord, you will find a pair of double glass doors.  There is no switch or panel to open them, just blast your way through.

Make your way out into the alley, and you will be attacked from several sides.  There's flying pig cop cars, Enforcers, and pig cops.  You will see several of them coming through some windows in the end of the alley.  Once you've cleared up the combat, go jump into one of those windows.

Once you get inside the room, take out any remaining enemies that might still be lingering.  You will see a Devastator on a table in the middle of the room, as well as several healths and a painting on the wall at one end of the room.  When you get near the painting, a hidden compartment will reveal itself, and the yellow key.

Grabbing the yellow key will spawn a Fat Commander right outside the window, blocking your exit.  Deal with him, and then head back inside the hotel to the large room you were in a few minutes ago.  You can get there by backtracking through the broken glass doors, or down the other side of the alley.  Both lead back to the room you want to be in. Make your way to the yellow key doors.  The key actually unlocks both at the same time.  The left door is a set of stairs, and the right is an elevator.  Both lead to the same place.

At the top of the elevator/stairs, you will have several enemies attacking you, more join in the more you move around, so be careful.  You will be in a bar area here with some fish tanks in the back.

You need to make your way into the pool area.  You can get there by going around the bar, or through the bar.  Either way leads you to the same place.  Take out the various troopers around the pool area, and then head underwater, where you have some Octabrains to take care of.

If you submerge in the water, you will see a crack at the far end of the pool.  Sending a pipebomb or rocket over there reveals a rather large open area.  Swim in there, and if you submerge on the other side of this new area, you will find yourself back in the bathroom at the start of the level.  This is a good shortcut for Dukematch, but not terribly useful in single player.

Anyway, back to the pool area.  Resurface from the pool, and you will see a sign on the side that says "Lifeguard not on duty".  Jump on the ledge above this sign, and you will see several Enforcers on the other side of the courtyard.   If you have any RPG ammo, now is the time for that.  Take 'em out.   You don't really have to do this now, but if you don't, you'll have a lot of close combat later, as the end of the level is over there.  A shortcut here is if you have the jetpack, you can go fly over there, and avoid a few more steps in the level).

Anyway, after you are done with this, head out from the pool area, and you will find yourself in a long hallway with several pig cops in it, and some rooms to the left, as well as a few fire extinguishers on the right.  (You can enter this hallway from the other side, in which case the wall references here will be reversed).

Take out the pig cops, and explore the two hotel rooms off of this hallway, and pick up some health and armoer.   If you can avoid it, do not shoot at the fire extinguishers at this time, because doing so will do this..

They take out most of the wall here, and several enemies are out there, not the least of which is a Fat Commander, and yes.  ANOTHER BATTLELORD!  If you take these out before going in the rooms, they will likely be waiting for you when you come out of the rooms.   You can jump down and fight them in the street, but it's somewhat easier (at least for the Battlelord) to fight them staying up in the hotel room hallway.  You can also retreat to a water fountain here if need be during the battle. 

Once you have cleared out the street, you need to make your way all the way back to the start of the level.   Once you have arrived, you need to use the same 1-2-3 dumpster, air conditioner, ledge jumping move you made to get the blue key.   Only this time, the windows up there will be open.  If you fought all the Enforcers from the pool area across the courtyard, you won't have any combat here, but if you did not, it's big battle time.  Once you go inside this room, you will see a vent at the far end.  If the grate has not been blown out already, do so and go in.

The resultant path of vents will lead you eventually to drop into a small room that contains the exit.

Hit it and be taken to Level 11, "Stadium", which is the final level of this episode.

There is, however a secret level exit elsewhere in this level.  Click here for details.



Hotel Hell Secrets

This level has just three secrets, which is a low number given the size of it.  The secrets can generally be retrieved in any order, you are not bound to the order shown here, although the third one leads to the secret level.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Me & My Wine

When you get to the bar area, there is a wine cabinet in the middle of the room.  It is a secret room.  Open it to reveal a Holoduke.  Take the Holoduke and the first secret of the level.

Secret #2: Hidden Health

The second secret is in the same area in the bar.  If you look at the screenshot for the first secret, you see a wooden door to the left of where the Holoduke is.  This is a secret area.  Open it to reveal a medkit.  Grab the medkit, and get the second secret for this level.

It is not a secret, but if you keep going in this newly opened area, you can gain access to the fish tanks you can see in the bar area.  It doesn't serve much purpose other than to try and pretend you are the Dopefish or something like that.  :)

Secret #3: Indiana Jones

The third secret is also right next to the other two, but it has a few steps, and also leads to the secret exit on this level.   First off, after you get out of the bar area, come around to the side, and you will see a waterfall leading into the pool.  It looks like this:

You need to jump into the waterfall in the middle.  You will be transported into a secret room that looks like this:

At the far end of this room is a red handprint on the wall.  Go flip it, and a wall will open to your right revealing a new room behind some fire.  You will have to run through the fire to get in here.

Going in here will give you the third and final secret of the level, but at the end of the passage way is our Indiana Jones reference.  "We meet again, Dr. Jones!"  There is an Indy graphic here, as well as an Atomic Health on a pedestal.  This is an homage to the opening scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  If you take the Atomic health, the room and the passageway will start to collapse, forcing you to run out to avoid getting squished.




Secret Exit to Freeway

This level has a secret exit, which will take you to the "Freeway" level.   The way to it inside the third secret shown above.  When you get to the red handprint on the wall in the third secret room, turn to your right.  You will see several plants and bushes that look like this:

Send a rocket or a pipebomb or some missile weapon in there, and the trees will burn.  Once the flames have subsided, you will see the secret exit.

Hit it, and it is on to "Freeway".

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