Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

It's Impossible
Episode 4, Level 1

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It's Impossible has several references to the obvious namesake here, Mission Impossible (both the original and the Tom Cruise movies).  This level is chock full of references to other "spy things" from movies and shows.  We'll try and point out a few here.   The first one is staring you right in the face, the IMF - or "Impossible Missions Forces" headquarters is where this level takes place.   Opening the door reveals the lobby of the IMF with some troopers to take out.  On the far corner of the room is a table with a tape recorder.  This is another homage to the original Mission Impossible, as the recorder goes "This tape will self destruct on one second", and then does.

Before you make your way out of the room, you will notice there is a crack on the central column.   Blow it up with a pipebomb or rocket, and you will reveal three health packs - go in there and grab a health boost if you need it.

After you are done in the lobby, make your way into the open hallway, not the closed "Briefing Room Door".  You can explore the briefing room if you wish, but it is not necessary to go in there to finish the level.  There is a spy joke in there, a "Steed" umbrella & hat hanging on the wall.  This is a reference to the character of "John Steed" from the old British show "The Avengers".

Anyway, once you make your way into the hallway, you make a right, and then an immediate left into another hallway.  This second hallway has two doors on either side of it, and an open door at the end of the hallway.   The two doors on either side lead to quarters as well as a mess hall.  You can explore these for health and items if you wish (and some more combat), but they're not necessary for completion of the level (unless you want some secrets that are in those rooms).

One thing about the mess hall area.  This does not count as a secret, but it is really useful if you are playing Dukematch in this level.  There is a shortcut out of the mess hall back to the rocky area at the start of the level.  In the corner of the dining area, there is a wall texture that is a different color than the others.  Open it to get back outside.  This wall also opens from the outside in the same way, too.

Make your way past the two doors into the open area at the end of the hallway.  This is bathroom.  One suggestion.  Before you turn the corner, turn on the light switch.  This will make your life a lot easier in this room.   There are a few troopers and an Octabrain in here.  Take 'em out.  Also in here is the blue key.

Come out of the bathroom, and take a left at the end of the hallway, and then an immediate right.  You will come across a switch puzzle and a couple of enemies.  Take them out, and then you need to do the puzzle.   Leave the first switch alone, and flip just the middle and right ones.   The combination should look like this.  Open up the door and take out the enemies in this room.

Once you have taken out all the resistance, you need to open up the blue key door.   A note about this.  The shots by the troopers and pig cops cannot get to you, nor can your shots get to them.  However, if you lob a pipebomb right next to the forcefield, they can be damaged by that.  If you lure enough of the enemies over to the forcefield, you can take them out before you open up the room.

Once past this forcefield, take out any remaining enemies, and grab the red key card, which is sitting on a desk.  Once you make it out of here, you will run into another switch puzzle.   This one can be unlocked by flipping the first and third switches, leaving the middle one untouched.

Go through this door, and head down a short elevator, and you will end up on a platform.  The door here leads to the briefing room from earlier.  This is a level with multiple paths to get to where you are going.  This might be why you are reading this walkthrough going, "Hey, I don't go that way!", that's a hazard when you have levels with multiple paths like this one does.  Anyway, go down the second elevator here, and you will be left in a storage room in the basement with several metal crates, and a few sentry drones.   Once you've gotten rid of them, head over to the red key door and open it.

Opening the door will reveal a small closet with some cleaning supplies and a fan in the ceiling. 

You need to grab the pipebombs, shoot out the fan, and jump in there.  But don't go blundering in, you need to go slow up here.  You will eventually find another fan which has several tripmines on top of it.  It looks like this.

Do not run into the tripmines, you will absolutely die.   What you need to do is back up a bit, and throw a pipebomb.   But before you detonate it, back out of the vent, and out of the small cleaning supplies closet as well.  Blow up the tripmine and watch the carnage from outside the locked red door.  You'll find out why in a minute - there is an ENORMOUS explosion that results from all this. 

Once the explosion has finished, go back up into the vent and make your way to where the tripmines were.  This way is clear now, but a word about where you are going.  If you remember the first Mission Impossible movie with Tom Cruise, there was a scene where he was suspended in midair in a white computer room. 

The room you are about to go in here mimics that scene.  If you drop into the room and hit the floor, enemies will pour out from the four corners of the room.  If you have a jetpack, it is a good idea to use it here, so you can hover in the middle of the room.

Hit the single red button at the top of the computer console here.   It will raise a switch puzzle out of the wall on the other side of the room.   If you are running low on jetpack power, you can stand on the computer console DIRECTLY in front of the single red button shown above while you do the other switch puzzle.

The correct combination on this switch puzzle is to shoot just the second and fourth buttons.  When you do this, the platform under the large single red button will lower, revealing a switch.  Flip the switch, and the large door to your right will unlock with a way out of the room.  If you still have any jetpack power left, you can jetpack out of the room after opening the door, not releasing any of the enemies in the white computer room.

Once out of this room, there is a small control room to the side of the large locked door (labeled security access).  Walking over near it will open up the window, and several enemies will attack you.  Take 'em out. 

Go into the room and flip the switch in here - it will allow you access to a large sequence of doors that will open as you walk through them ending with a telephone booth at the end of the hallway.  This is a mimic of the opening title sequence of the old 60's spy comedy, "Get Smart".

Once you make it through the Get Smart doors, you will come to a telephone.  This telephone has U.N.C.L.E. on it, which is yet another reference, this one to another 60's spy show, "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."   If you go over near the phone the darkened platform will descend down to a lower level of the building when you use it.

Do this, and you will encounter a door with a crack and a pipebomb.  Blow up the door with the pipebomb, but it might helpful to plant the pipebomb, go back up the elevator and then set it off.   Once you do all this, you will be introduced to a new enemy for Episode 4, the protector drone.

Take out the protector drones and all the other enemies that were down here, and you will eventually find yourself with the exit. 

Hit it and be taken to Level 2, "Duke Burger".



It's Impossible Secrets

It's Impossible has seven secrets in all.   With the "spy theme" of the level, you'd there be three times that, but seven is what we get.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Really Narrow Ledge

When the level first starts, you can go through the IMF door, or you can go to the other side of the rock canyon.  If you jump up on it, and make your way back above where you started, you will see a small, and rather narrow ledge.

Follow the ledge around the canyon, and you will come to a cavern.  Inside it is a Holoduke and some pipebombs, as well as one of the turrets that was shooting at you when you were at the start. It can be pretty dark in here, and it is easy to fall off on your way up here.

Secret #2: Open Sesame

If you go up on the ledge in the start of the level, and walk around on top of where you started the level, you will see a red hand on the wall.  Hit it.

This will open up a door below you, and behind your initial starting spot in the level.  Jump off the ledge, and head in there.  Once inside, you will see a red room with an Atomic Health inside.  Go in there to claim the second secret of the level.

Secret #3: Rooms in the Kitchen

The third secret is in the mess hall area in the game.  Once you clear out all the enemies, make your way into the back - you will see a silver door leading to the meat locker.  Go in there, and take out an Octabrain in VERY close quarters.  Once you've done that, hit the red hand on the wall. 

Doing that will open up another room with a forcefield and a computer. 

Using the computer will give you access to the next room, the one with a shrinker weapon and some armor, as well as the third secret of the game.  From here, you can either backtrack to get back to the kitchen, or you can jump into the water here, and swim back to the sink in the kitchen (this is the shorter path).

Secret #4: Under the Bed

The fourth secret is in the barracks area of the level.   There's a bunch of pig cops to take out first.  Once you do that, make your way to the bed towards the back of the room that has steroids sitting on it.  Stand on the bed, and "use" the wall.  The bed will raise into the ceiling, taking you with it.  It will reveal a path you can take to get to a door.  Open it, and a room will be revealed with a jetpack and some Devastator ammo.

Secret #5: Above the Toilet

The fifth secret is in the bathroom.  Above the sink is a switch that looks like a hand dryer.  Flip it, and a compartment will open up above the toilet.  Jump up there and head in to get the fifth secret, and a medkit.


Secret #6: Hidden Room

The sixth secret is the room where you get the red key.  Next to the picture of President Washington, there is a computer.  If you use the computer, it will open up a door on the other side of the room with a pig cop behind it.  Take out the pig cop.

Once the pig cop is taken out, go into the room he was in.   There is an RPG in there, as well as the sixth secret.  For some reason, the game prints the word "Unlocked" instead of "A Secret Place!" when you go into this secret (on the Xbox 360 version only).

Secret #7: The Mine Cart

The final secret is in the middle of the Get Smart reference.  After the second door, you will see a vent up near the ceiling. 

Kick it out, and head in there.  There is another grate at the far end, kick it out too.  There's some pig cops and whatnot in here, once you dispose of all of them, you can get to finding the secret.   You will see a switch here.  Flip the switch, and it will allow you access to the mine car.

Go into the mine car to get the seventh and final secret for this level.  While it is not part of the secret as such, you can go through the door that says "Under Construction", and make your way past a Fat Commander and a few other enemies to get a Devastator.

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