Duke Nukem 3D Walkthrough

Duke Burger
Episode 4, Level 2

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Duke Burger is one of the more played levels in the game.  It's a great Dukematch level, the construction of the level geography is great, it has a varied number of settings, and it also introduces a new enemy into the game.  It also has one of the more "controversial" moments in the the game (that will be pointed out below).   Let's get to it.  You start off at the end of an alley looking at the main entrance to the Duke-Burger restaurant.   Make your way forward from the starting point of the level, and head to your left.   You will turn the corner and make your way towards the side of Duke-Burger where the drive through window is.

Once you take out the couple of flying pig cop cars, you will come across another alley here.   Down at the end of this alley is the new enemy character for Episode 4 of Duke Nukem 3D, the "Pig Cop Tank".   This is similar in vein to the flying pig cop car in that there's a pig cop in there.  However the tank, while not nearly as mobile as the car, is far more deadly.  What you need to do is to either send several rockets at the tank, or (if you can) run around the back of the thing and take out its target.  The latter isn't always as easy (especially if more than one is around), so rockets or Devastators are a good use against the pig cop tank.  Like the flying car, once you destroy the vehicle, you will have the pig cop itself to take down.

Once you have dispatched all of the enemies here, you can pick up an Atomic health in the actual drive thru window on the side of the restaurant.  Make your way up the drive through lane and around the corner to the drive through sign with Duke's head.

Once you arrive at the sign, go up and "use" the Order Here part of the sign.  You will get a recording saying "Go away, we're closed" (which is a reference to the old Beavis & Butthead show).   However, this does serve a function beyond playing a sound.  The door above the sign will open up, revealing the shrinker weapon as well as the blue key.  Go up there and grab it.  You can get up there two ways.  You can either jump from the wall behind you onto the sign, and into the hole, or you can stand on the "Order Here" part of the sign, and jump up that way.    After you have taken the blue key, go back to the front of the restaurant, and open the main door.

The first area you will be in is the main dining area.  There are several pig cops in this room, take them out before proceeding further.   Once you clear out the dining area, make your way behind the counter area.

Duke will quip about the quality of the food here, and some troopers will try and take you out.  There is something you can do here which will help you later.  It is not necessary, but you might find a future part of the level much easier.  Using the same kind of trick as in It's Impossible, head over to the far end of the counter area, and you will see a forcefield.  You cannot turn off the forcefield at this point of the level, but there are several troopers who will try (and fail) to get to you from the other side.

If you go over near the screen, you will get the attention of most of the troopers behind here.  Lure them over to the forcefield, and when they're close enough, throw a pipebomb right next to the forcefield, and detonate.  It will blow them up on the other side, which will be helpful in a few minutes.   After you've done that, make your way around to the bathrooms in the back.  The men's bathroom door contains a few troopers and some health, but is not necessary for completion of the level.  The women's bathroom door will explode when you get near it, and when you go inside, one of the protector drones introduced in the last level will attack you.

After you take out the drone, you will notice the mirror says "Think Smaller".  At this point what you need to do is point the shrinker weapon at the mirror and then shrink yourself.  You will see a small hole near the floor.  Make your way through there and come out in the Duke-Burger kitchen.  If you have expended all your shrinker ammo, one piece of shrinker ammo is provided in the bathroom.  If you don't have ANY, you can still get around by using the info in "Secret #1" below.  Also, if you have blown out the mirror in combat with the drone, the resultant wooden wall there will still reflect your shot.

Once you make it through the floorboards there, you will come out in the kitchen.  This is the part from earlier you were told about.  If you did not take out the troopers in this room with a pipebomb, they will all be waiting here in this room ready to step on you.  This is a heck of a lot easier without the troopers in the room here.   Once you've come back to normal size, go over to the forcefield and flip the switch turning it off.  Turn around and make your way into the back area of the Duke-Burger.  An Enforcer will come out to meet you - take him down, and head around into the back office area.

When you turn the corner into the office area, you will see three slimer eggs, which will hatch and then come after you.  Best to throw a pipebomb in there as you enter the room and take 'em out first.

Once inside the office, you will see a desk in the back with some Enforcers.  Wipe out the enforcers, and then grab the red key off the desk.  Also in this room is some "Microwave Expander" ammo.  It is basically the "alt fire mode" for the srhinker.  If you have the shrinker weapon, the expander mode comes when you pick up and have expander ammo in your arsenal.  Basically the expander does what its name implies.  Pump enough expander ammo into a character, and he will become larger and larger like a balloon until he explodes.

After you grab the key, make your way back out into the corridor, and open up the locked red key door which leads to the meat locker.  Be careful in here, as there is a pig cop on the inside of the door, another that comes up the conveyor, and an Enforcer in the other side of the room.

After you clear out the meat locker, you need to head your way down the conveyor belt, but if you do it too fast, you will get picked off by some trip mines, you will want to take them out before heading down.

This conveyor belt leads from the building next door to Duke-Burger which is an SPCH building.  That's the "controversial" bit for this level, the implication that "Duke Burgers" were made out of dog meat.   When the game was new, we took some grief over that.   Continue down the conveyor system until you reach a room that you can jump and and into.

Go out the narrow door on the side of the room into the main kennel room.  You will encounter a few more enemies, a couple of Enforcers and a sentry drone.  Take all these guys out.   Whether or not you wipe out the puppy is up to you.  :)   After you finish with this combat, you will end up in the front office of the SPCH building part of this level.   If you make it too close to the door, it will explode, revealing a couple of Pig Cop Tanks on the ouside (which can make it inside this office area), so try not to do that if you can avoid it, as there is no need to go over there.

On the other side of the desk is a switch.   Flip the switch.   This will open up a door in the hallway you just were in.

Make your way into the newly opened room, which is the final one of the level.   There is a protector drone in here.  Take it out, and then you will reach the exit.

Hit it and be taken to Level 3, "Shop-N-Bag".



Duke Burger Secrets

Duke Burger has four secrets.  These are the areas that are recognized as secrets by the game.  There are a few other areas that are not recognized by the game as secrets.  This secrets area will only show the "true" secrets in the level.

Secret #1: Hidden Bypass Room

The first secret is in a room that is above the drive through window.   The way to it is far easier with a jetpack.  Looking at the shot below, you can fly into the wall (again, "X Marks the spot").   You can get up there without a jetpack if you happen to have not blown up the barrel in the street.  Standing on that, use steroids, and then run at the spot, and you will get in that way too.  Again, MUCH easier with a jetpack.

Doing so will reveal a hidden room with several bits of ammo and health.  Go in here for the first secret of the level.   You can get out of the room the way you came in, but if you go through the small area on the other side of the room, you will come out behind the forcefield in the kitchen area.  That will bypass the need for the blue key, and the entire shrinker move in the bathroom, although the doors to the restaurant will still be locked.

Secret #2: Desk Switch

When you are in the back office room of Duke-Burger, you will see a switch on the desk that is here.  Flip the switch, and it will temporarily open up a door at the top of the crates in this room. 

Once you flip the switch, run out and jump up into the area now accessible at the top of the crates.  You will collect a freezer weapon, and the second secret by going up here.

Secret #3: Rotating RPG Door

The third secret is in the room with the poster of the dog anatomy at the end of the underground conveyor system.  There is a light switch right next to the drop off to the conveyor.  If you flip that switch, the wall will rotate.   There is a hidden room behind here you can get to.   Be careful though, it's quite easy to get squished going back here.  

A room will be revealed with an RPG on a shelf.   Go in here to collect the third secret.  A word of warning, getting out of this level is even harder than getting in, actually.

Secret #4: Scrappy Due

The fourth secret is in kennel area.  If you go to the side of the kennel with the Scrappy Due puppy, you will need to blow off the doors to the kennels with a pipebomb (if you do it right, you will not blow up the puppy).   You will need to make your way unto the upper left of the four specific cells.  The back wall is a secret one.  Open it up to reveal the fourth secret and some pipebombs.

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