"Where is DNF?"

On October 22nd, 2002 we were made aware of a funny parody of Duke Nukem Forever called "Where is DNF - The Mocukentary".   In the creator's own words, this Mockumentary is "from the loonies who brought you "This Strife" and "Commander Keen: Ten Years On", comes this exclusive and riveting exposť of Duke Nukem Forever and the shocking truth behind its creation... and its potential destruction."

We've received permission from the folks who created it to copy it here to our server, so without further ado, here is "Where is DNF"?




The following "mockumentary" is a work of sensationalized reality media. Therefore, if any events, characters or character likenesses portrayed in this production bear any resemblance to actual events or real persons either living or undead, it is purely coincidental.