"Where is DNF?"

Duke Nukem Forever, an elaborate myth spun by an insane criminal genius? Or the work of a government conspiracy designed to control our weak fleshy minds. This is the very question that keeps us awake night after night.

I hate Duke Nukem, please kill meWe've all heard of DNF, but what does it actually mean? Is it a game, is it worth waiting for, is it even real? Here at This Strife, we wanted to put an end to everyone's fears and anxiety about this upcoming 'game'.
To get to the bottom of the elusive DNF we sent out our crack team of investigators to look into every rumour, search through every rubbish pile and question anyone who got in our way.
You may find our conclusions disturbing.

Duke Nukem 3D came into being thanks to Ken Silverman, this one man created 'Ken's Labyrinth' which was a bizarre blend or RPG and RTS elements. Ken created the game by reversed engineering an early beta of Doom which he obtained from a mole at id software. He went on to release his game with a $249 price tag, which only a select few could afford. Then Ken had a brain wave, to add in art and sounds from the original Duke Nukem side scroller and thus Duke Nukem 3D was born.

Ken's success was soon attracted the attention of 3D Realms, who at the time were a team of mercenaries, lawyers and postmen who specialized in being in the right place at the right time. After a series of heated discussions, they bought out the rights for Duke Nukem 3D and rewrote the history books to record them as the creators.

Duke Nukem or Fuke Sukem?3D Realms were soon hungry for more success to fuel their expensive and extravagant life styles. Many of the team had a habit of buying the latest computer technology, only to install Windows 3.1 and complain that DirectX wouldn't install. An expensive and time wasting effort.
The first attempt at reviving the success of Duke Nukem 3D came in the form of a project called 'Prey'. However with our recently obtained evidence, it appears 'Prey' was accidentally put into production after Scott Miller yelled 'Gay' at another staff member. This one word slowly changed to become 'Prey', the title of the game. However not much else was fleshed out at this key design stage. With this as the key motivation behind the game, it was no surprise to see it fail.

Attempt number two is what we now called Duke Nukem Forever, but forget everything you think you know about this game… DNF originally began life as an attempt by Todd Replogle to create an artificial intelligence to bring Duke Nukem to life. The famous E3 trailer was nothing but a record 'dream sequence' of the Duke Nukem AI dreaming about kicking alien ass. This is why we do not see Duke himself in the video.

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