In this section, we'll give you a few Commander Keen downloads.  First up are the Keen games themselves:

That's all the Keen you can legally download.  Keens 2, 3, 5, & the full version of 6 are commercial software, and it is not legal to download them from anywhere.  If you'd like to order Keens 1-5, you can do so by checking out our ordering page.

There's some other stuff you can download, too.  I've gotten together some cool things you may wish to see - click on any of them, and they'll load up in another window.



Final Thoughts

Why is Keen great?  Why does it hold up 10 years later?  It doesn't have the latest controller support, it doesn't have the biggest sound effects support, and it certainly has the problems and limitations inherent with real mode games.  However, the game concept still works into the 21st century.

If you've never played Keen before, why not go retro, and try it?  There's a rather large group of people out there who still enjoy Keen - and who knows?  You might find you like this classic.

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Joe Siegler
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Thanks and credits

This article was written by Joe Siegler, and is (c) 2000 Apogee Software, Ltd.  Please note that some sections of text from the "The Early Days" & "Keen is Released" sections is reproduced with permission from the "Story of id" booklet that is part of the id Anthology package - (c) 1997 id Software.

There are many people to think for their help in getting this put together.

  • John Carmack, Adrian Carmack, & John Romero for taking the time to write out some new thoughts on Commander Keen.

  • Todd Hollenshead of id Software for allowing me to reproduce some of the text from the id Anthology about the creation of Keen.

  • Doug Howell & Andre Viens for checking the article out for me before it was done.

  • The fans who make up the Keen community - there's a lot of thriving Keen sites out there!

  • Last but not least Tom Hall.  For two reasons.  First, for creating Keen in the first place, and second - for taking the time to talk to me about this article on his cel phone while waiting in the Denver airport for a flight!

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