October 23, 1995

Misc News & Tidbits

ITEM #1: In the new issue of Next Generation magazine, Scott Miller, founder of Apogee, is named as one of the gaming industry's 75 most powerful players. Scott is listed under the "Pioneers" section, specifically for creating the multi-episode marketing of shareware games ("The Apogee Model", as it's called in the industry), which is now used by many other game publishers, such as id Software, Epic MegaGames, Interplay, and many others.

ITEM #2: Realms of Chaos is nearing release. We're in final prep on it,and it could possibly be released within a week! Keep your eyes peeled to this WWWsite, it will be released right here!


ITEM #1: 3D Realms recently hired Billy Zelsnack, giving 3D Realms arguably the best group of 3D programming talent in the gaming industry. Billy is considered by John Carmack, lead programmer at id Software, to be one of the best in the business. Billy, along with Ken Silverman (author of the Build 3D engine), and the 3D Realms' Prey team (William Scarboro, Mark Dochtermann, Jim Dose'), give 3D Realms an incredible foundation of 3D programming talent that no other company can match. The results of this talent will soon be seen with the release of Duke Nukem 3D, and many future 3D games.

ITEM #2:3D Realms will publish (as shareware) Parallax Software's next big 3D game (as of yet untitled)! Parallax, who previously authored the super hit Descent, expect this next-generation game to come up in early 1997. Interplay Productions will handle the retail release of this game.

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