December 7, 1997

Scott Miller Named one of America's Elite!

Congratulations to Scott Miller, head and founder of Apogee, who was named in Next Generation magazine as one of "America's Elite," and one of "the most important people in the American game industry."

The article states, "Among the enormous family of first-person shooter developers, there are only two companies that matter -- one made Quake last year and the other made Duke." Miller was also chosen because of his innovative shareware marketing methods, which helped propel companies like Apogee, id Software and Epic MegaGames into the limelight.

Said Miller, "Apogee, and our 3D Realms division, is a huge team effort, so it's a bit embarrassing that much of the credit comes my way. My partner, George Broussard, certainly deserves a great deal of credit, as well as our all of our developers and employees, each who contribute outstanding effort and make the entire company stronger than the sum of the individuals."

Also honored among the 25 people chosen were John Carmack of id Software, who had an early partnership and success with Apogee, and Ron Chaimowitz, CEO of GT Interactive Software, the current publisher of Apogee's (and 3D Realms') games. Sid Meier, Richard Garriot (Lord British), and Brett Sperry were also among those honored.

Check out the January 1998 issue (#37) for more details.

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