February 26, 1998

Our Balls Keep Shining!

Review after review has given our recently released pinball game, Balls of Steel, high and shiny scores. Gamezilla contributes to the long list of glowing reviews, by adding:

"Balls of Steel [has] managed to blow the socks off the competition." (The articles specifically mentions Sierra's 3D Ultra Pinball series and Empire Interactive's Pro Pinball series as the "competition" that has lost their socks.) If you'd like to read their entire review, click on the Balls of Steel box to your right (make sure to look for it on your store shelves, too!)

The article also had these shiny quotes:

"While the game's clever title hinted at great promise, I had no idea when I opened the box about the incredible experience that was to follow."

"The ball physics are the best I have seen in a computer pinball game, with both rebound angle and speed changes following the laws of motion perfectly."

"The graphics in Balls of Steel are truly excellent."

"After playing virtually every PC pinball game ever released, I can enthusiastically say that Balls of Steel is now my favorite."

"Its combination of smooth realistic gameplay with creative animated challenges simply cannot be beaten."

"I am totally addicted to it--I simply cannot stop playing it...Any pinball lover should run out and buy this one."

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