March 10, 1998

Beyond the Titanic Released as Freeware!

By now we're sure that most everyone has seen the James Cameron film, Titanic. It occurred to me that we had released a game a long LONG time ago about the Titanic. It's called "Beyond the Titanic", and was one of Scott Miller's really old programs that he wrote. It's one of the two programs ever released that weren't under "The Apogee Model" (Beyond the Titanic had the whole game released in shareware, instead of being split up like "The Apogee Model" does). This program has long since been deleted, and we thought that we'd release it now as freeware.

Our game was originally released back in 1986, and is a text adventure game where you have to make your way off the Titanic as it's sinking and get home before you die trying. This re-release is being put out for fun, and as such, we are not taking any registrations on it, nor are we offering any kind of support or hints on it. Click here to download the program.

Also, if you'd like some information on James Cameron's movie, you can click on the banner below.

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