May 1, 1998

Scott Miller's Tops for Writing a Resume

This was taken from Scott Miller's .plan update. Scott gets asked some questions quite a lot, and "How do I write a resume to get into the industry" is one of them. Here's a tidbit from his update:

I see maybe 150 resumes each year. Most contain too much information and the wrong emphasis on what's important. In the past few months many people have asked me to review their resume and offer tips, so I've written this "standard reply" to use in the future, which I'll share here.

[1] Don't exceed a page in length. Not even Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Edison have the credentials to exceed one page. In fact, the longer your resume, the more it looks like you're trying to hide the fact that you don't have much going for you. Short, concise resumes are those that actually get read.

[2] Include all forms of contact information, including address, phone, fax and email. Make yourself easy to reach.

To read the full update by Scott, visit his .plan update for today.

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