June 24, 1998

E3 Booth Babe Update - Nell McAndrew

This isn't really 3D Realms related, but it is related to our Booth Babe story, so here goes... :)

As many of you know, when we were at E3 in Atlanta last month, we took rather a lot of pictures of the "Booth Babes" that were at the various booths. One of the most popular was the woman playing Lara Croft at the Eidos booth.

Well, I've been tipped off to an article about her on the net by a user who goes by the name of "Negative Nine". This woman's real name is Nell McAndrew, and the website "The Croft Times" (dedicated to all things Lara Croft) is currently running an article about Nell called "The Many Faces of Nell". This article talks a great deal about Nell, as well as the other three women to play Lara (briefly). This picture is apparently taken from a promotional tour she's doing for the Tomb Raider movie. You might want to check out the article, as it has several other pictures of Nell from other things she's done (including more E3 shots - including some of ours).

The Booth Babe Report Returns! - To commemorate this news article, we've managed to unearth three more E3 Booth Babe pictures. Two of them are from our own Martinus, and the other is from our own Steve Blackburn. Check 'em out! While you're thinking about it, make sure to check out our 1998 E3 Picture archive for our own pictures of Lara, including several with Duke Nukem!

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