June 10, 1998

The E3D Realms Report

Well, we finally have all of our (usable) pictures put online. This finishes our E3 Photo Archives for 1998, so if you've glanced at them before, take another look. Enjoy!

In other E3 News, games.net's E3 review of Max Payne is now online. Here's some of what they had to say:

1. This third-person action game heavy on the storyline was as close to a movie as gaming has gotten without FMV.
2. File Max Payne on the games-to-get-in-'99 list.

Also, David Laprad of the Adrenaline Vault has written a very cool wrap up of his attending E3. Check out the article, he has several things to say about our games, such as:

1. Duke is back, flexing all-new polygonal muscles in the sequel of the year, though this time he has some on-screen competition in the form of the sharp and sensuous female protagonist Bombshell.
2. 3D Realms is known for taking an established genre and innovating it to the max, and this game will be no different. (Duke)
3. There is enough energy contained in this single, dazzling sequence to fuel a dozen action games. (Duke)
4. The level of detail and sense of scale Schuytema flaunted (in Prey) is unprecedented in a 3D action game.
5. A lot of naysayers have been poo-pooing the use of portals, but the implementation here is definitely worth noting, and will leave you slack-jawed with disbelief. (Prey)

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