June 4, 1998

The E3D Realms Report

UPDATE (5:00PM): OGR has given out their E3 "Best of Show" awards. Among the awards were:

1. Game of Show (Runner Up): Max Payne
2. Most Promising First Person Shooter - Prey
3. Most Promising Action Game - Max Payne
4. Most Promising Software Technology (Runner Up): Prey

They also ran a separate "Best 25 Games of the show", and all three 3D Realms PC Games (Duke Nukem Forever, Max Payne, & Prey) all placed. Click on any of the links here to see what OGR had to say about the games.

Also, we have more shots of Lara Croft! That's right, more Booth Babe shots! (I thought I was done). The first two were given to me by Onethumb from Ritual Software (shots #64 and #65) - Thanks Don! The remainder (#66-70) come from our own Keith Schuler. The Babe Shots Return! :)

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