July 21, 1998

A Piece of Apogee History

Joe Siegler writes... "The other day I was going through some videotapes of mine, and found this little tidbit of Apogee history. It's a 2.5 minute long interview with Scott Miller & George Broussard done in the summer of 1992. It aired back home in Philadelphia in November of 1992 on the NBR show that is on PBS. It was a report on Apogee (and id Software) and how we were changing the face of computer gaming."

This interview was done in the post Wolfenstein 3D hysteria (as Wolfenstein is all over this video), and also has an interview with John Romero (now of Ion Storm). In addition to Scott, George, & John, you can also see some others in the background (but don't talk) - our own Steve Blackburn, as well as Jay Wilbur, John Carmack, Adrian Carmack, and I believe Kevin Cloud of id Software.

If you want to download this, you can do so by clicking on the snapshot to your right. It's a RealVideo file that's been zipped, and the download is about 6.2Mb. If you don't have the Real Player, you can download it here for free.

Again from Joe.. "Sorry about the fuzzy quality of the tape, but this was an old videotape, close to 10 years old, and this was taped in 1992. This was stuck in-between a few episodes of Married With Children I also had on the same tape. :)"

NOTE (May 2005): This was encoded back in 1998 when RealPlayer used a much older and different video codec. To play this now, I believe you have to install a legacy plugin for the current RealPlayer to read their old format, which doesn't work stock out of the box in their current player. Real's website should have further information on this.

UPDATE (May 2006): Now that Google Video exists, we can stream this thing on the website now for you to look at. Here is the video below. The full size video is also available on Google video, but due to the original source not being great, it dosn't look all that good full screen.

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